Friday, February 24, 2012

Have you noticed the silence amongst historians and lawyers??

By Mike Smith

22nd of February 2012

So since Pieter Mulder threw a piece of fireworks into the chicken coup, The lawyers and great historians of SA are all dead quiet. Nobody wants to stick his neck out.

Professor Herman Gillomee is sweating, because if he oust himself, he will either be attacked by his intellectual brothers in the ANC or by historians who know the truth. He is the last one you would expect to choose sides.

Who owns the land? That is the question!

Let us ask the lawyers and historians and let them give us their expert opinions.

Let us not fuck around. Let us take the ANC to court with their hate speech that whites stole the land of blacks. Let us find out exactly what land was stolen by whom at what time and let us see the title deeds. Those people who are guilty should go to jail. That includes blacks who stole land from whites.

That is what I always said in my series. Let us open Pandora ’s Box on Apartheid. Let us get this debate in the open and solve it once and for all.

I want the best Scientists; I want the best Historians and the best Lawyers to give their expert opinions in this matter. I even want a Mickey Mouse politician like Gwede Mantashe to voice his stupid opinion.

I want the debate out in the open. Let us go for it. Let us see where Pandora’s Apartheid box leads us. Let us once and for all settle this debate. Who does SA belong to?

This is going to be very interesting if it goes to court, because it will put all former colonial countries on trial. It will mean that Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, etc will all be on trial. And if the whites of SA have to vacate the land then so must all the other Colonial countries.

Further, It will mean that some former European power would have to absorb the white SA people, India and Sri Lanka would have to absorb the Indians from Durban and the Malaysians of the Cape would have to go and live in a foreign country where they do not understand the language, the customs or the way of life. How do you unscramble the omelette?

I do not care. The wanted to open Pandora’s Apartheid Box so now I am all keen. Let’s go for it!

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