Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The White Race

The White race is the most physically attractive race of all people. This may sound like a subjective opinion. But is it really?

Racial differences encompass such things as eye colour, hair colour, facial structure, body structure, hair texture, and height. Let's take an objective look at these areas and see which race comes out on top.

Eye colour: The non-whites have dark brown eyes. The White race has blue, green, hazel, and light brown eyes.

Hair colour: The non-whites have black hair. The White race has blonde, red, light brown, dark brown, auburn and black hair.

Facial structure: The non-whites have a variety of PRONOUNCED facial features such as flat, hooked noses, big lips, high checkbones, round faces, big eyeballs, and slanted eyes. The White race has fine facial features like small, narrow noses, and thin lips.

Body Structure: Asians tend to be thin and not well endowed. Blacks tend to be chunky, more endowed, and a higher tendency towards obesity. The White race is somewhere in-between Asians and Blacks. Not as thin as the Asians, and not as chunky as Blacks. A happy medium.

Hair texture: The Blacks have kinky and wooly hair. The Asians have pocker straight hair. The White race have straight and wavy hair.

Height: The White race is medium to tall in height. The Asians on average are MUCH shorter.

The White race have a variety of bright eye colours and a variey of hair colours. Even when a White person has black hair + brown eyes, it looks attractive combined with light skin + fine facial features.

The better looking non-white people usually are of mixed raced. Eurasians, Mestizos, or Metis can be taller, lighter skinned, have smaller facial features, and more muscular and athletic than their full blooded Asiatic counterparts.

Mulattos can have lighter brown skin, finer facial features, and have curly or wavy hair. This as oppossed to black skin, pronounced facial features, and kinky hair of their full blooded Black counterparts.

Is it fair to say that non-whites become better looking when given a significant percentage of White blood? On the other hand, White people more often look beautiful with NO non-white admixers. In fact non-white admixers that give a person pronounced facial features, kinky hair, or darker skin can take away from someones's looks.

So is it a subjective opinion to say that the White race is the most beautiful race? Or is this statement a more objective, factual statement than a lot of people might want to think?


  1. Bride of Hitler, obviously uneducated white trash. Leave this country you and your RACIST TENDENCIES. I hope Julius Malema tracks you down hahahha!!

  2. I can understand why you are angry Anon, but it is true. Really, I am Eurasian and I wish I was fully white because i got all of my ugly asian moms features. My dad has a very long rectangle nose, blue eyes, and blonde hair with a great facial structure. My mom has a snub nose, a flat face and no surprise black hair and eyes. I have black hair, with light brown eyes, light skin, freckles, a medium nose. If I were fully white, I might not be mediocre in looks.
    I have never seen a hot asian women in the streets.

  3. Sad to read this, as a fellow it would have been better to keep your opinion to yourself. I now admit that the Mugabe regime is the right way to rule this world especially inhibited with people like you. Can someone in this country's political arena cut the right shoe size for you. You don't deserve to be a living being in RSA

  4. Anonymous said...
    Bride of Hitler, obviously uneducated white trash. Leave this country you and your RACIST TENDENCIES. I hope Julius Malema tracks you down hahahha!!

    "white trash" If is was not for this white trash you would not be reading this post! Nor would you be using a computer, wearing western jeans and t-shirts or using a cell phone. Carry on supporting Juju the fat purple dinosour and see where it will get you. Contribute something to the South African society instead of sucking the life out of it on people and expecting governmunt handouts. You assholes are all the same.

    1. Lol i totally agree with you

  5. Dubula bhunu

    Mugabe's time is limited and if you agree with his sentiments then you are just as big a fool as he is.

    If it was not for people "like me" where would YOU be? Name one of your kind that has contributed ONE SINGLE thing towards South Africa! Do yourself a favour and read a book called "Capitalist Nigger" By Chika Onyeani. All your kind can do is take take take. If it was not for "my kind" there would be nothing for you and your kind to take. Remember it is years and years of hard work and slog that got South Africa where it was until the ANC took over and started helping themselves to the loot - look at the state of hospitals, schools, roads, water supply, electricity supply etc, not to mention the murder, rape and corruption - never in previous years was this country in such a bad shape as it is now.

    I wish my shoe size was large and you were standing in front of me because I would stick it where the sun is never going to shine!!! Right up your black ass.

    By your post I am assuming you are a lot younger than I am - Ian Smith was still ruling Rhodesia when I was growing up - so - that makes me living in South Africa longer than you.

    You and your Mugabe chommies and your kind can leave - the whites are here to stay!

  6. There are cute asian girls, and the very rare cute black girl. Really, you shouldn't be saying ALL non-whites are equally unattractive- it's just that the number of attractive non-whites are much smaller in number than attractive whites as a percentage of their population.

    Also South Africans should break off the Western and Northern Cape and reform the RSA away from the blacks. Whether you keep the coloureds as cheap labor or kick them out would be up to you.

  7. Attractiveness is just a cultural construct, it varies between societies and from period to period, more or less according to the physical characteristics of the ruling oligarchy.

  8. Nope, it's still definitely subjective. You cannot objectively say that blue is better than dark brown. Or, more contextually, that a given colour combination is better than any other. Saying so is speaking in generalities.

    Sure, there are trends and designs specific to factors like culture, class and era. A trend however, by definition, is general and subjective. You're not doing anyone any good by blurring the line between objectivity and subjectivity when addressing such sensitive topics. There aren't varying levels of objectivity, despite what you might hope.

    I'll keep my personal information such as race, age, gender and sexuality private for the sake of this discussion.

  9. Agree with this article, but why say it? Unless you're trying to make a statement to preserve whites, I don't see a good reason.