Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SA Police tells Afrikaners, "You should all Fuck-Off"

By Mike Smith
3rd of May 2011

“You White Boer Boys just come to cause shit in our town! What are you Boers doing in our Town? You should all Fuck-Off! What are you looking at you Cunt?”

This is what the police in Stellenbosch, home to the Afrikaans University of Stellenbosch, told three 18 year old Afrikaner students last Friday.

These three young men were on their way to a restaurant when they allegedly saw two other white men in a fight with and hitting an older coloured man. They ran to help the coloured man.

At that point two police vans arrived at the scene, obviously called by some witnesses. Six policemen then beat up and swore at the three young white men.

They were arrested and taken to the charge office where they were further slapped sworn at and racist remarks made at them by the Black policemen.

It is clear that these young men, who wanted to help a coloured man, were not racist...that the black police scum were racists...and that the three young white men have now experienced their Damascus moment. From this point onwards they probably will be racists and will never ever help a coloured man in need again. All thanks to the corrupt trash who calls themselves the SA Police Service.

I am sure that these three young men have lost all their respect for the scum ANC Police...probably developed a burning hatred for them now.

The story can be read here: Police slap and swear at three White students

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  1. wish theyd do that with able bodied people...