Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Govt to buy TV time for ministers


Government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi said he was now planning to buy airtime on television for national ministers, The Times reported on Tuesday.

Jimmy Manyi

Manyi was speaking at the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa's annual conference in Durban when he said government was being "forced" to find ways to get its message across because it was getting a raw deal from the media.

"The government is looking at a five-weeks television programme where ministers would inform members of the public about their programmes because the media is failing to convey government messages as expected," he said.

"We are at the moment trying to procure a space. As the government, we take communications seriously and we will stop at nothing to see to it that our messages get across."

Last week, Manyi said he would take control of the government's R1bn advertising budget and spend it according to how well media organisations told the "truth" about service delivery.

Is that a R1bn propoganda bribe ? Hopefully, none of our respected media houses will take it. Rather spend the money on ... oh, let's see ... SERVICE DELIVERY !! 

Please stand up and tell me where my TAX money is going? Oh, I forgot, it's going on Zuma's R70 million Rand house. 

Hahahahaaa.GR8! Now we can see them doing stupid things live on TV..... they won't be able to blame anyone but themselves. This should be entertaining


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