Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Socialistic Satanomics by the ANC Snakes

By Mike Smith
1st of June 2011

The real Gold of a country does not come out of the mines...It comes out off the sweat of its people. It comes from the slave labour of the citizens who are taxed to death under socialism whilst constantly being told that they are “free”.

Here is an example from the ANC Marxist terrorist regime’s latest trick to milk the tax cows of South Africa. Toll roads across the country. Just what we needed.

When they took our country and gave it to these Marxist pieces of trash, they not only gave away everything that we have built with our know-how and money, our mineral wealth, but also...they enslaved us. We are today nothing but tethered milk cows that cannot get away. Most whites in South Africa cannot emigrate. They are trapped, tethered and doomed to be the tax cows for their new World Bank and Marxist Black masters...”until Jesus comes”...just as planned.

The ANC’s incompetent and corrupt scum neglected the infrastructure of the country to the point where we have filthy, disease ridden water, constant power outages, and gigantic potholes in the roads, train smashes, babies dying in hospitals, etc...

Now they are sitting with a R150 billion hole in their maintenance bill.

So how are they going to “Fix” this problem? Let me explain how one makes money...real money with Socialism and miss-government.

See, we ordinary people understand that a government should be competent and run a country to a reasonable degree.

South Africa is not an easy country to run. With 23 different tribes and 11 official languages it is a challenge for even the most competent and educated politicians and civil servants.

Along came the ANC, who had a few competent people and started to miss-govern. It is for us hard to understand, but I hope I can explain.

They first got rid of all the competent people in the civil service by giving them severance packages (courtesy of the taxpayer). Then they deliberately appointed grossly incompetent cadres who they knew would stuff up their portfolios and departments at exorbitant salaries.

As the infrastructure was run down, they further lowered education standards everywhere to dumb down the population in order to ensure that the next generation would be too stupid to challenge them, too stupid to even notice the theft being carried out, too stupid to realise that they are being exploited as tax-cows, too stupid to ever govern properly in the future and stupid enough to actually believe that they are “free” and their Marxist masters are “heroes”.

They further ensured that no competent people could ever be in the civil service by implementing policies of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment and at the same time chased all the competent people overseas.

Under this “umbrella of incompetence” the infrastructure is still being destroyed and massive problems are deliberately created until the people start screaming, “Something must be done!”

Along comes the ANC “heroes” as in this case and offers a solution to a problem they created in the first place. “Problem-reaction-solution” as David Icke would say.

It works like this. The ANC creates a problem. It causes a reaction with the people. And the ANC provides a solution...usually they need MONEY to solve the problem.

Our example is thus the Toll Roads that they are planning. The roads have been destroyed through neglect and incompetence. So the people demand the ANC do something. The ANC obviously have the solution at hand. They go to the IMF and the World Bank and borrow money to fix the roads. These loans are ultimately paid back by you and I...the taxpayers.

The ANC tenderpreneurs, then sets up little companies owned by their wives, brothers, sisters, daughters, etc...Who all “tender” for these road building jobs. The first wave deliberately messes up the project, but still gets paid its millions, then the second wave of tenderpreneurs comes and also makes money, until someone says, “hold on a minute, I smell a rat...”

Eventually the road gets built and the money is spent, but to ensure that they milk the cow to the last drop, these same tenderpreneurs (brother, sister, aunty, nephew, etc...) now set up toll-road companies. The public is duped to believe that the toll is to pay for the maintenance of the road, but in fact only a small amount will go for that purpose. The toll, company will take it’s commission first...the road is run down again, more loans are taken out, the tender process starts again, and so on and so forth...The cost of all of this is borne by the Taxpayer.

By now, the taxpayer has paid about 40% personal tax. He has paid 14% VAT on all purchases and about 58% tax on all fuel for his car. He has paid council tax for the roads in his area...after all of this...he still has to pay a flippen parking meter to park on a road he has paid for hundred times over...But as if that is not enough....Along comes the ANC and wants the taxpayer to pay toll at Toll-Roads across the country!

Bloody Vampires I tell you!

What does the South African taxpayer do? He/she simply accept it. No resistance to this brutal exploitation. No letters being written to politicians or demonstrations in the streets...nothing!

When one follows the money, then one sees that the scraps that fall off the table and being lapped up by the ANC dogs are actually small in comparison to where the REAL money goes...with interest...which is to the World Bankers.

Now it should be clear that a competent (white) government would run a country far too efficiently for the World Bankers to make any money. It should then also be clear that it would be in the best interest of the World Bankers to replace such a competent (white) government with an incompetent (black) socialist government who would destroy the country so that the World Bankers can make their fortunes on the ashes of this destruction.

One would expect the opposition parties in parliament to speak out against it, but they know the game and they know that when they get to power they will do exactly the same.

So now they have it. They have all our minerals, our entire country as well as millions of slave labouring tax-cows whom they can milk through Socialism indefinitely.

Look at the World Bankers. They are the biggest Capitalists EVER! Why then do they support Socialism everywhere? If they are so concerned about sharing wealth, why do they not set the example and start sharing their wealth with us in the poor third world?

No. Socialism is only a tool for them to be in power for ever and make money. They feel nothing for the poor. They feel nothing for anybody except themselves. They do not care how many millions of Afrikaners are poor and destitute in South Africa. They do not care how many farmers get killed. They do not care how many hundreds of thousands of whites have left South Africa already. To them it is all about Power Forever and Money!

There we were, giving our country away to this World Banking and Socialist Scum...thinking it was to give a few black people the vote and make them sit on “whites only” park benches... How utterly naive we were...

Toll roads planned across the country


South African drivers face a rash of toll roads all over the country, the Gauteng's e-toll system is just the beginning, The Star newspaper reported on Monday.

Transport minister Sbu Ndebele said government planned a network of toll roads across the country in a bid to plug the multibillion-rand hole in its road maintenance bill.

Responding to a question in Parliament recently, Ndebele said the so-called "user pay" principle - which he claims will be applied only when required - would go a long way towards relieving the state's R149 billion road maintenance shortfall.
"The 'user pay' (toll) principle is government policy, but is used selectively and only where feasible, and when, the benefits outweigh the cost to the road user," he said. 

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