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Dave Bullard - Like Him

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This column is hardly racist 
This column is hardly racist.
It pretty much paraphrases what is in the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Jared Diamond. Simply put the column points out that South Africa was going to be colonized no matter what. The Bantu were conquered by Europeans who had guns and steel. A stronger civilization will displace a weaker one. The fact is that the Bantu (blacks) had just conquered/displaced the Koi-San. The Koi-San were still hunter gatherers and the Bantu had agriculture.
 That’s not racist. The Bantu civilization was never going to survive contact with a more advanced civilization.  If the Bantu were left alone, which was never going to happen – South Africa under Bantu civilization represents a power vacuum that has to be filled, then without doubt they would be conquered sooner or later.  How they would do/have done/responded if another civilization did the conquering is pure speculation. Like novels in which Germany wins WWII. 
You cannot fire people for pointing out the obvious.
Peter Williams

A Sad Day!
Our thanks are added to those which will surely pile up! I can now discard the appointments section un-browsed.

David, I first lived in Africa - Nigeria - in 1965, 3 years after independence.  That is 43 years ago.  I can assert with authority that absolutely NOTHING has improved in that country since then and many things have deteriorated.  Unlike some, I actually like Nigerians and admire their tolerance and sense of humour.  But, although your wording on Sunday was um, er, a little indiscreet, the thrust of the argument I support totally. 

Tony Fox

What a Champ!
I would just like to say thank-you to David for making my Sunday mornings so much better. I have always enjoyed your columns and hope you continue to write for us! Everyone has the right to free speech and so too does Dave. All the best for your future!

Kind Regards

"Big Fan"


Go David!
Well done David Bullard! Thank you for saying what every other white South African has been too scared to mention. Instead they whisper behind cupped hands how our motherland is withering away at the hands of its ‘new’ South Africans.
As a writer myself, I am unable to secure permanent employment in the field. Instead equal opportunity employers are freely obliged to employ an incumbent whose first language is not English. Perhaps this is the very reason why Sunday Times editor Mondli Makhanya allowed David Bullard’s article to be published.
As the rest of the white South African population, I have seen this beautiful country of ours (and it is ours) decay as its ‘guardians’, used to herding cattle and sitting idyll on paint tins, have allowed South Africa to rot away.  Recently reported on a controversial television programme , 20,000 white South Africans are immigrating every month. Without the skills, brainpower and experience of the ‘previously advantaged’ our indigenous comrades will be sitting in their own darkness.
I, for one am immigrating to the greener, water-logged pastures of the United Kingdom to give my child a fighting chance to meet her full potential and not be stifled by the retarded curriculum that will eventually do away completely with mathematics, since only 2.4% of matriculants graduate with higher grade mathematics. As a mother, I have to give her the sanctity not to be stabbed with blunt-nosed scissors in her classroom, to not be raped to cure some savage of his HIV status and to not be judged by the colour of her melanin-deficient skin and straight hair. If the Human Rights Commission served its purpose properly, BEE, EE, AA and every other vowel-enriched acronym would be fairly seen as discriminatory against the ‘white man’.
The rest of the world looks on in awe, pumping endless funds into African outstretched hands. What they don’t see is the apathy, laziness, stupidity, the lack of ambition and interest and other aspects typical of their ‘kultcha’. Leave Africa to the Africans – it will surely soon be stolen, lost or broken.
Jacqui Munro

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  1. Jacqui Munro, you clearly speak from the heart, as it were. Nothing wrong with that.

    But you say you're a writer?

    Er... check out the following: idyll vs idle and immigrating vs emigrating.
    You have to give your daughter 'sanctity'? How about sanctuary?

    Good luck in the UK. Maybe one day you'll return to these shores and live in the Republic of the Western Cape - a new white, civilised country at the southern tip of Africa.