Saturday, April 16, 2011

Race Traitor

Malema guard accused of planning heist...

April 16 2011

 Julius Malema's Durban-based chief bodyguard is accused of conspiring to commit a cash-in-transit robbery and is standing trial, the Citizen reported on Saturday. 

Captain Shane Smith from Durban's organised crime unit said Adriaan Snyman and his associate, who worked for SBV Services at the time, allegedly planned to stage an armed robbery in which R4-million would be stolen. 

“I don't want to convict the man in the media, but he is facing some very serious charges and if he is convicted, faces 15 or more years in jail,” Smith said. 

“Initially, there was talk that he would plead guilty, but the trial is continuing.
“If he is convicted, he would be prevented from working in the security industry and would not be allowed firearm licences,” he said. 

Snyman and his associate allegedly approached two Bluff police officers to assist them in the robbery. However “after getting cold feet” one of the police officers went to SBV and informed them of the plan. 

Smith said the alleged robbery was going to be a simple organised handover after which a false case of armed robbery would be opened. The guards were going to claim they were robbed at gunpoint. -

By Mike Smith
14 April 2011

Yesterday the newspapers were full of Julias Malema appearing in court for singing songs about killing whites, killing Boers. Malema was guarded by some black goons in black suits and red ties armed with automatic rifles.

A few thoughts went through my mind…were those rifles licensed? Who was the security company? Etc...

The cardinal question came when I saw that there was a white fellow amongst the comical goons, obviously the boss goon. Who was he?

Here you have a black wannabee politician stirring up racial hatred on a regular basis and encouraging genocide against whites and the white owner of a security company protects him??

I immediately thought of Machiavelli’s quote about never trusting mercenaries in “The Prince”. They have no morals and no loyalty apart from their loyalty to money.
Nevertheless, when I first saw this white guy, I thought to myself…”I wonder if he is an Afrikaner”…

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