Saturday, April 16, 2011

More charges for Malema

April 15 2011

An additional hate speech charge will be brought against ANC Youth League president Julius Malema and another against spokesman Floyd Shivambu, AfriForum said on Thursday.


“AfriForum took this decision after Malema encouraged his followers outside the … High Court in Johannesburg to sing a song with the words 'shoot to kill' with him,” the civil rights organisation's deputy CEO Ernst Roets said in a statement.
“Shivambu also sang the song dubula (i)bhunu (shoot the boer) outside the court this afternoon in front of a group of Youth League supporters, and encouraged them to sing along with him.”
The hate speech against Malema is just a test for the “revolution”, the youth league leader told hundreds of supporters.
“There is no individual on trial... they are testing our revolution ... they are testing methods we used to defeat them,” he told the gathering just minutes after court proceedings adjourned.
“These judges are our judges, whether you like it or not, they work for the government … the government which is us, the ANC.”
The civil rights group said it would lay the charges at the Equality Court, sitting in the High Court, at 9am.
“If the Youth League really wanted to encourage peaceful co-existence in South Africa, they would rather have encouraged their followers to refrain from singing songs like that until the judge has given his verdict in the case that is currently being heard in court,” Roets said.
Malema is currently standing trial on a charge of hate speech brought by AfriForum over his singing of the struggle song containing the lyrics “shoot the boer” or “awudubhule ibhunu”.
Shivambu said no one sang any song containing the word “boer” outside the court.
“You can watch the TV footage, we never sang about that outside court, no one ever mentioned the word boer.
“They are being ridiculous. If they (AfriForum) want to waste their time and money, they are welcome to do that (lay charges).” - Sapa

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