Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pikitup Workers Trash Johannesburg

Angry Pikitup employees trash the streets during a protest in Johannesburg. The ANC in Gauteng says it is concerned about the strike by refuse workers, and believes it is intended to sabotage the party's election campaign. "It is the timing of the strike during elections that make us to conclude that the strike is orchestrated to sabotage the ANC campaign," spokesman Dumisa Ntuli. He said the matter was raised with the SA Municipal Workers' Union. "Our message to Samwu is that the trashing and vandalism is in complete violation of the 2007 Polokwane conference resolution on defending the democratic state. Samwu's trashing of streets, destruction of property and attacks on non-strikers were of "grave concern", he said. 

A police officer arrests a young boy who was allegedly caught stealing during the pandemonium that was caused by the Pikitup workers strike in Joburg. 

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