Thursday, April 21, 2011

Julius Not Aggressive

The head of South Africa's ANC Youth League, Julius Malema, has taken the witness stand in Johannesburg in a high-profile hate speech trial.
An Afrikaans community is seeking a ban on Mr Malema singing a controversial apartheid-era song with the words "shoot the Boer".
"Boer" means farmer in Afrikaans and they say its use incites racial hatred.
Mr Malema began his testimony insisting he is not an aggressive man, and that the song should not be taken literally.
Karen Allen reports.

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  1. For a man that is not aggressive, he sure has a lot of body guards carrying heavy artillery into the court room.... and why was he carrying a 9mm gun in his pocket at the funeral of Chris Hani, awaiting orders to shoot the white people of SA? Nah, he is not only aggresive, but a damn liar as well...