Thursday, April 21, 2011

Attorney Out of Control

April 21 2011

                                                              Koobashan Naicker

Attorney Koobashan Naicker was on Wednesday portrayed as a man out of control - not only facing murder charges relating to last month’s fatal accident on Athlone Bridge, but a host of others involving alleged drunk and reckless driving, malicious damage to property, assault and robbery in various incidents over the past two years. 

The charge sheet before the Durban Regional Court, where Naicker is making a bail application, is 25 pages long. 

And, according to an affidavit in opposition to bail by the investigating officer, Captain Kassavan Pillay, Naicker is also being sought by police for at least two other alleged drunk-driving charges and a culpable homicide matter relating to the death of a motorist in another accident

Naicker was arrested recently following the deaths of Gillian Bell, her son Connor, 8, and dance teacher Carmen Hunter, 19, in an accident on Northway on March 26. 

He has now been charged with three counts of murder, driving under the influence, and reckless and negligent driving in that he drove into oncoming traffic, causing the multiple car pile-up in which two young girls were also seriously injured.
Naicker was himself injured and is under police guard at Addington Hospital, receiving treatment. 

In total, including the Athlone Bridge incident, there were seven cases of drunk, reckless and negligent driving against Naicker, said Pillay. It is also alleged that he assaulted a barman and stole money and liquor in another incident in Tongaat. 

In reply, defence advocate Jay Naidoo accused the State of “pulling old cases out of the archives” to bolster its bail position. 

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