Monday, March 25, 2013


Well Mr Zuma this is all your fault!! Like it or not you created this limp wristed, aids infected, undisciplined collection of fools that you call the SANDF!! You just had to jump on your little soap box and tell the world that you will send your armed forces into CAR to sort out their problems. Now you have dead soldiers on your hands and the world laughing behind their hands at the ineptitude and inability of your armed forces to overcome against a band of rebels!!
I cant even bring myself to blame the soldiers, you let them live like pigs in their barracks, you let them join unions, you let them strike, you and your cronies promoted morons with little or no experience to positions of leadership? And yet you still expected them to become real soldiers? Idiot!!! You sent men that are led by leaders who are seen in our shopping malls in full uniform wearing pink slippers to fight against men who believe in their cause, men who would gladly die for their cause?? How stupid are you? Now the once mighty SADF has become the SANDF who are cowering in their barracks and begging the French to escort them to the airport so that they can get the hell out of there and return to the land of “rape and money”!!
Let this be a lesson to you when you decide to use your “army” to control us, remember we were trained in the old army where discipline and training were everything and we will escort your raggamuffin army straight into the sea!! Next time instead of sending your armed forces to other countries to do a job they are clearly not trained to do, try deploying them on the farms in south Africa to protect our food supplies from your criminals who will soon have us all starving!! Or try deploying them in large numbers along our borders to stop the millions of illegal aliens who are flocking here to take part in the free for all mentality that you have created. I remember a time when Africa trembled at the sound of the SADF mobilizing because it was known as the “iron fist” of Africa !! Now they are more akin to the lacite glove on the hand of Michael Jackson?
Your police force has fallen apart and been overrun with criminals, your military has proved what they are worth – nada! Nothing! Zilch! It seems to me Mr Zuma that the writing is on the wall clear as daylight for all the world to see, all except you and your cronies who are permanently blinded by your randelas!! in my day we were well trained, well armed and had a “dankie tannie sakkie” bible in our pockets and we were willing to fight to last breath because we were proud to be there in defense of what was good and right!! That may well be your problem – nobody in their right mind could be proud of what you have done to this country!! You should hang your head in shame…

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