Monday, March 25, 2013

SANDF Clowns Slaughtered In CAR

By Mike Smith 
25th of March 2013 

Everytime I think about the current SANDF the word “Useless” drifts past my mind. 

They are not a soldiers’ arse. Throwing down the rifle and running in the opposite direction when the bullets start to fly is their trademark. 

These clowns couldn’t even hold back a few rag-tag rebels in the Central African Republic. 

To put it in simple English; “They got their arses handed to them. 

How many were exactly killed is unknown and reports differ, but this one reckons 13 died and 27 were wounded.

13 SANDF soldiers die 

Rebels seized the riverside capital of Bangui in fierce fighting on Sunday, forcing President Francois Bozize to flee. 

Already the bullshit excuses and commie lies are coming in…They had no arial support…They were outnumbered etc. 
‘It was 200 of us against 3 000 rebels’ 

Firstly, the rebels also did not have arial support. Secondly I do not for one moment believe the lies of the ANC regime. 

I won’t be surprised if this was just a handful of rebels against 200 SANDF clowns. 

So the ANC regime has no other choice, but to lie, because if the truth comes out, Zuma’s head and that of Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula will roll. 

This is what happens when you have an Affirmative Action military made up of grossly incompetent wannabe generals with Coke-top medals for proud service as cowardly MK terrorists. 

The useless, ill disciplined and ill trained troops are even worse, but sending such clowns into battle is akin to murder. Who ordered it? President ZUMA himself. He ignored the advise of certain generals to withdraw and instead sent in an extra 200 troops.

Nevertheless...As these MK clowns now discovered...It is one thing to blow up innocent women and children in Wimpy Bars…quite a different story to fight determined African rebels. Red faces as mission to CAR unravels 

These bunch of sissies retreated to their barracks to go and hide under their beds. They looked for safe passage to the airport and pleaded with the French to bail them out of the shit! How utterly embarrassing! 

SA soldiers in CAR retreat to barracks, want out
SA Air Force 'on rescue mission to CAR'

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