Friday, February 15, 2013

Totalitarian tiptoeing with useless communist laws for SA- Part One


By Mike Smith
13th of February 2013

Part one of a two part miniseries:

Let me show you at the hand of two recent Bills how the ANC Marxist filth is stripping away our power and consolidating it in their own hands.

First up is the Dangerous Weapons Bill

Let me start off by saying it bluntly and in simple English. If this bill gets passed we are Royally Phuqed!

Even the DA liberal twats, like Dianne Kohler Barnard are falling for this bill.

In this Bill, a “Dangerous weapon is defined :

"As the bill now stands, a dangerous weapon is an object, other than a firearm, designed as a weapon and capable of producing death or serious bodily harm,” said Kohler Barnard.

She said the bill would prevent people from carrying dangerous weapons or objects which could be used to injure someone or damage property during public gatherings.

“After the violent protests of the last year this is a very welcome move.”

I kid you not. She actually said it. “A very welcome move”.

Whose side is the DA actually on?

Does she think the ANC wants to use this law to prevent uppity blacks from carrying weapons? How stupidly naïve can this LWB be? She must have rocks for brains.

According to the definition of a “dangerous weapon” someone carrying a marshmallow can be arrested, because I can shove a marshmallow down her throat and she will choke to death.

Jeez, man…I won’t be able to sweep my driveway anymore, because if I shove my broom handle up her arse it might be considered a dangerous weapon.

See where I am going with this? ANYTHING can be a “dangerous weapon” According to this Law it just has to LOOK like or be “mistaken for” a “dangerous weapon” then you can be arrested or even worse, SHOT!!

The bill reads: “any person who is in possession of any dangerous weapon or firearm, replica or imitation firearm under circumstance which may raise a reasonable suspicion that the person intends to use the weapon for an unlawful purpose is guilty of an offence.”

What is “Reasonable Suspicion”?

What is reasonable to me might not be reasonable to a policeman and from past experiences we know that the ANC are not reasonable people.

So you can be arrested on a mere suspicion of committing a crime. Not whether you HAVE committed a crime.

Can you see where this will lead to? You will be driving down the road in your car when suddenly you are being stopped, surrounded and kidnapped by the Stasi-like thought police on the “Suspicion” that you wanted to use your car as a “dangerous weapon”.

This law, together with the Fire Arms Control Act will effectively disarm the civilians of South Africa.

The only ones who will then have arms will be the government, the criminals and those the government give arms to, like their NARYSEC youth brigades they have secretly been training. When that happens, you have Totalitarianism.

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