Friday, February 15, 2013

How Dare You?


Hannes Engelbrecht (BKA)

Never before in history was the farce of what South Africa had become more evident than in yesterday’s State of the Nation address by “President” Jacob Zuma. The mumbling “President” obviously did not even go to the trouble of reading his speech beforehand as he struggled to read it out loud and mispronounced numerous words. It was a slap in the face of 50 million people.

 But more so than his incoherent speech, was what he was trying to talk about:

 • Gender equality was high on the agenda, with women’s rights a central theme. Yet, the “President” himself rules like a monarch over his four wives and one betrothed.

• Education was to be reformed – said the “President” who holds a Standard 3 certificate.

• Agriculture and land reform are key areas – said the “President” who earlier had admitted to being a herd boy for his grandfather’s goats in the Natal hills.

• Violence against women and children must be addressed – said the “President” who himself had been charged with rape and had escaped conviction when the complainant fled to Great Britain because of threats to her life.
 • Corruption must be ended – said the President who manipulated the demise of the Scorpions during their investigation against him and Shabir Shaik; and who is desperately trying to keep the Arms Deal out of court.

 • Crime and violence are top priorities – said the “President” who himself was the Head of Intelligence of Umkhonto we Sizwe during the reign of terror, deaths and torture in the ANC hell camps like Quattro.

 • The economy is important – said the “President” who is building himself a grand R450 million Presidential Palace at Nkandla.

 How dare you, Jacob Zuma?
How dare you stand in front of Parliament and address millions of people with a smile on your face?
How dare you not even try to hide your underlying smirks that Apartheid and the whites are to blame for all the country’s ills?
You never said it out loud – but the underhand implications were there for everyone to see.

 A clown in a second-rate circus couldn’t have done it better…

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