Monday, January 2, 2012

Zuma hails SA's 'visible progress'

President Jacob Zuma claiming great strides had been made in improving South Africa!!!!

The year 2011 has ended better than it started in South Africa, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday, claiming great strides had been made in improving healthcare, education, service delivery and fighting crime.
"We have made visible progress in reducing serious and violent crimes, in improving healthcare, rural development, education, social security and the general expansion of access to basic services," he said.

In 2011 the government created partnerships for job creation and made firm plans to improve infrastructure. A great achievement for the country was hosting the COP17 climate change conference.

Hosting the event in Durban, and the International Olympic Committee General Assembly in July, enhanced the country's image as a first class organiser of international events.

Zuma urged South Africans to make 2012 a year of unity and to celebrate the country's political heritage.

"We have an opportunity to showcase our country's remarkable successes, given the historic celebration of the centenary of the ruling party, on January 8 2012.

"Our country proved to the world that it is possible to rise above institutionalised racism, hatred, colonial oppression and apartheid, and build on its ruins a modern democracy which enshrines justice, human rights and dignity


I think he has got it the wrong way round, he should have said we ruined a prosperous country, who held its own during sanctions, we killed the manufacturing industry, go take a drive through your local industrial area, then we destroyed the best railway system in the Southern hemisphere, we f****d up your hospitals, we f****d up your roads, we are over charging you to maintain these with ridiculous taxes on your fuel and have now decided to burden you even further with foreign companies taking the last of what you have got left with their toll gates of which the ANC government will only see 45% of the takings, we closed most of the schools in the rural areas especially farm schools, so we at the ANC can force you to make your kids walk the 30 plus kilometers to the nearest town school. We have also decided that it would be more prestigious to host a Soccer world cup than to build our people homes with the money we spent on the cup and of which we still are in dept for to the different foreign investors, for those of you living in the peace and tranquility of the Karoo, you will get to know us in the very near future when we are going to drill a lot of holes and poison you water supply, but don't worry, we will be creating jobs by having to hire or out source the different companies to deliver drinkable water to your house.
I forgot the bit with the over filled jails, because the criminals have more rights than the law abiding tax payer. Taken our guns to make it safer for them to climb through our bed room windows, once they have gained access over my electric fence, poisoned my dog and would like to have their way with my Mrs against her will, then take all the money and jewelry and be off in the dark of the night, it wont help phoning the cops, because they don't have the funds to maintain their one and only vehicle at my local cop shop, if its running it probably on its way to collect the next shift of coppers.

Oh dear. This is about as meaningful as the late Dear Leader of North Korea and his newly appointed son and heir. I've read the sad speech and it's partly fantasy about SA's achievements, mostly generalised and mostly out of step with what really is, and partly a lot of partisan fluff about his own political party's centenary. Hardly the way to go for a nation's head, but I guess that he just asks some henchman to draft some vapid spin for the occasion. And I guess that he anticipates that a large proportion of ANC voters don't really have daily access to any form of critique of the abysmal performance of this exhausted and incompetent governing party.

Anyway, happy new year one and all, and may we have the guts and resources to make good and find peace in 2012 despite this goon at the helm.     

Mr. President, you cannot distinguish between right and wrong, so how can you say that the country has progressed? Progressed backwards or progressed forwards? How would you know?

"Our country proved to the world that it is
possible to rise above institutionalised racism, hatred, colonial
oppression and apartheid, and build on its ruins a modern democracy
which enshrines justice, human rights and dignity."
Mr President, I hope the above words were sincere and not just thoughtless political utterances. Especially when we remember that your nephew has violated human rights and dignity by leaving thousands Aurora Mine workers with nothing to celebrate this Christmas and new year.     

Are you really talking about South Africa? Our country has racist legislation in another guise, there is a lot of hatred, service delivery in ALL departments (except SARS) is virtually non existent. Look at education, defence, health, welfare, and all the rest. Corruption has grown out of proportion. Without colonialism, SA would have had no infrastructure at all! SA has become the word capitol of murder, drugs, aids, and most attributes in the negative!

It is the only country where laws are made against the minority to protect the majority. I would implore you to open your eyes and see what really is going on!     

I think the only ones who have benefited are government ministers and tenderpreneurs Mr President. Your family has benefited tremendously - one of them at the expense of the unpaid miners working for Aurora.

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