Monday, January 2, 2012

The Slow Death Of A Black Nation

I picked up an article in the Sowetan Newspaper on the 30th December 2011. For those of you who don't know it is a Black Newspaper printed daily in South Africa.

The follwing was written by a black matric student - probably something a standard 3 or 4 White student would write.

Submitted by Lwazi Nyanakancesh Nongauza for Youthtube: By the Youth, for the Youth. Written the day after her matric exams.

Chaw - chaw cheers quietly - peaceful - surprisingly they passed away, Boom boom like sick ants they die, In shock, anger , disbelief and frustration, We swear, Futsek this metric stupid black curse.
We cry - cry and cry

Why her- why him - why – why???

In despair we mourn

But she was cute, friendly open nice little kid.

Sobbing , we curse , question, curse and questions

why - why - why- why

In anguish , in depression - we blame

Even statistics SA show increase of matric kids suicides

But why?

Damn most of them are black kids.

But why?

Why most of them are black kids?


Is it because they are denied the luxury benefits Afrikaner students have in examination classrooms?

Is it because exams question papers are not translated into understandable languages?

In democratic 2011 but still like in Apartheid

Black kids are still underprivileged.

In Mzantsi under a black lead government are black kids still inferior creatures.

Indeed in this Mandela rainbow nation skin represents lower class citizen

In our days black race get the last end of the stick

In 2011 democratic but still in apartheid black kids still systematical oppressed

who will immense black kids from this men made hell in south Africa?


Why most black matriculations failure kill themselves?

Can it be the publication examination results to be one of the reasons?

But why?

Why is passing or failing Matric have to be a Public issue?

For 11 years passing or failing exams has been kids and tier parents business.

Why should the public know any of the Matric student results?

Where did who get person to publicly publish exams results

By the way who benefits from Matric publication business?

Matric students suicides be new to you.

But this belief has been like this for years.

Maybe the right question should be, why nothing is done about this issue?

You and you might not know.

Maybe those who want, can answer have bigger fish to fry.


For now, more black Matric students will continue to die.

For now, more poor black parents will mourn.

For now, black kids lead suicides statistics.

For now, more black cloud will continue to hang over our generation.

Chaw - chaw cheers quietly - peaceful - surprisingly they passed away

Boom boom like sick ants they die

In shock, anger , disbelief and frustration

We swear

Futsek this metric stupid black curse

We cry - cry and cry

Why her- why him - why – why???

In despair we mourn

But she was cute, friendly open nice little kid.

Sobbing , we curse , question, curse and questions

why - why - why- why

In anguish , in depression - we blame

Even statistics SA show increase of Matric kids suicides

But why?

Damn most of them are black kids.

But why?

Why most of them are black kids?


Here is a comment a good FaceBook friend posted on a FaceBook page I contribute to:

Johan PB Prinsloo

"Why is passing or failing Matric have to be a Public issue?" Matric results have always been published in the mainstream media, but now it would need to be stopped, because the black children are committing suicide.

 I don't want to go into this too deeply, but I'm wondering if this is not because of expectations and pressure that kids were never used to before.
Black kids now being faced with competitiveness, which is something that never really existed in their culture before. Its something I'll definitely take up with some of the sober thinking blacks I know and get their opinion on.
Black kids suddenly have to compete on an equal basis with whites, coloured, Indian & Chinese students and the disgrace of not being able to keep up is too much for them.

 I experienced this while I was at MEDUNSA in the 1980's We had a few white students entering at the university at the time and the black students went on riot to get rid of them, because they outperformed the rest of the students. Once they achieved that they again went on strike to get rid of the Chinese and Indian students for the same reason.

 One has to question whether the competitiveness and pressures of western society, the expectations to perform are not overwhelming. Its too much too soon.

 WE also see it with blacks being put into top earing positions and they become alcoholics, because, suddenly they're earning so much money they don;t know how to handle it, they have to perform and keep up with the rest and meet dead-lines, while in their traditions time is of no concern, tomorrow is another day.
Having all this money suddenly they get into drinking and jolling like never before and they end up drinking all-day and even drugs, so much part of SA high society these days.

 The problem with the majority of black people, and I know I'm generalising here, is that they cannot take responsibility for their own shortcomings and mistakes, they always find someone or something else to blame.

 The publishing of the results in public is not the problem, its the inability to cope with what they're suddenly being confronted with thats the problem.

 This may perhaps be compared with what has been happening in SA sport for many years, where young guys enter a sport, the coaches suddenly realise the chap has great potential and they push him to fast. We saw this with young boxers so many times and also in Rugby. Where this young sportsman should have gone places, a year or two later he is gone, burned out and buggared, because he could not cope.

 I've been in tertiary education for many years and I've even been registered as an Evaluator for the Council for Higher Education and served a a High-school's governing body for 15 years and I've seen what they've been doing with these black students.
When I started at MEDUNSA in the 1980's we saw how they dropped the standards, just to get the numbers. Since 1994 this has been much, much worse as the standards have now been dropped so low these qualifications are not worth the paper its printed on.

 The late Prof. "Van" Myburgh always said to me that MEDUNSA is the most modern, the best equipped Medical School with the best lectures money could buy, ..... with the worst product being produced at the end.
For our foreign / international friends MEDUNSA was a black medical school built by the National Party Government in the 1970's. It still remains a black medical school, but there is very little left of it today.

 Now what happens is that this qualified, yet poorly educated graduate enters the job-market, he gets put in a job based on that qualification, but cannot do the job. He earns the salary and holds the title, he is expected to perform and compete, but he cannot. The end result is that he procrastinates, misses days at work to avoid the wrath of management and starts drinking. He slowly commits career-suicide and eventually ends up on the street a broken individual.

 Now imagine the young black kids suddenly ending up in a school among other rich white, coloured and indian children who are themselves being pushed like hell by their snobbish parents. Parents push their children to perform where they themselves could not, hoping that their kids would make up for their own failure. White children cannot cope, how do the black parents who are not used to and do not give their children any support of any kind expect those kids to perform and cope with it?

 I know I've already spoken too much again, but I just wanted to get this across that they are again finding something to blame rather than to seek the cause and address it.
Johan my friend - you never speak too much! Thank you for your post.


  1. It still pisses me off that people in the West were told that black South Africans were being "oppressed" like blacks in the American South were, but then the evil white South African government went out of it's way to build universities and schools for the blacks, even though they were trying to get the blacks to govern themselves. It pisses me off. De Klerk is a fucking moron, the Afrikaners should have just deported every black and coloured from South Africa and pulled out their nukes and said "come at us if you dare, niggers" and then funded some more rebels in nigger countries just for shits and giggles and to watch the niggers struggle ineptly against the very same tactics they employed against colonial forces, though the colonials fought the nigger guerillas a lot better than the niggers fight nigger guerillas.

    The fall of Apartheid is up there with the fall of the Roman empire as one of the great political and demographic tragedies of man.

  2. Truly annoying comment from the guy before me, the reason that western people think that white South Africans are evil is because of people like you buddy.
    Anyway, I would just like to clear something up: "It still remains a black medical school, but there is very little left of it today." by Mr Prinsloo, that comment is absolute rubbish, I am one of many white medical and dental students at UL Medunsa, and our classical medical program should out preform TUKS's "new" attempt anyday.

    I would like to ask people to please stop this racist nonsense, because under the skin we all look the same (I'd know from a years worth of dissection!)