Friday, October 14, 2011

Eugene Terreblanche Murder Case

Warning! Not for sensitive viewers.

By Mike Smith
12th of October 2011

The pieces of scum who murdered Mr. Eugene Terreblanche in his sleep, the former leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) , is currently on trial in Ventersdorp and it is causing friction between local rightwingers and the black population.

One of the accused is a 16 year old boy and his identity is protected, the other bastard is called Chris Mahlangu.

After they beat Mr. Terreblanche’s face in with a pipe and hacked him to death with a panga, they opened the front of his pants and wondered off
To go and brag about how they killed Terreblanche ...

Killing a pensioner in his sleep is apparently something to brag about for this cowardly scum.

But during the trial of the accused the Defence lawyer, Norman Arendse climbed fully on the racist bandwagon. According to the British Newspaper the
Daily Mail ...

...”Norman Arendse, the lawyer for one of the defendants - a boy who was 15 at the time of the murder - told the court the trial would expose a culture of child labour, exploitation and widespread abuse at the Terre'blanche farm, which is two hours north-west of Johannesburg.

Mr Arendse said the teenager was regularly verbally, physically and sexually abused, and plied with alcohol by his employer. The boy, who cannot be named, and his co-accused 29-year-old Chris Mahlangu were paid just £25 per month by Terre'Blanche for long hours herding cattle and basic farm labouring.”

...And so the lies start. Look at how the media call the
Triskelion emblem of the AWB a “Swastika”. How ignorant can you be? It can even be found on the flag of The Isle of Man in Britain for crying out loud.

Also note how they call Terreblanche a “White supremacist”...Maybe someone should explain to them what the difference between “Supremacist” and “Separatist” is. Mr. Terreblanche fought for a homeland for the Afrikaner nation.

The accusations of the defence are obviously utter bollocks as anyone who knew Mr. Terreblanche can testify.

Mr. Terreblanche was a deeply religious man who had extremely good relationships with his own workers as well as the local black community of Ventersdorp and he always treated his workers with respect and dignity and paid them above the going rate for farm labour.

Below are some pictures of the trial. Note how the black policeman photographs the vehicles of the AWB supporters, but does not photograph any of the Black supporters of the accused. It is clear that the police is not un-biased and who they are siding with.

Further down you will see the pictures of the murdered Mr. Terreblanche as it came out of the police dockets. Warning! Not for sensitive viewers!

I do not care what the outcome of the trial is. My only hope is that JUSTICE will be done and that the bastards who did this will pay the FULL price...op die Boere manier!!

And now for the pictures of the murdered Mr Terreblanche as the police found him. Look what these cowardly scum did.

This is the murderer. Chris Mahlangu


  1. all he wanted was a boer land for the boer people, in return he was a pensioner battered to death by the anc , bollox was it over unpaid money, he was the white skinned africans last chance to have there boer history protected, the whites who didnt like his ideas paid and are still paying the ultimate price "death"

  2. What a shame...If they can believe in rubbish then they can believe in anything and their whole live is one big lie. Mr. Terblanche paid the ultimate price, they killed his body, but not his spirit, which will live forever in the name of Jesus..

  3. I hope my comment will not reflect bias as a young black woman in this country. What happened to Mr Terrblanche is inexcusable, horrific and disgusting. No one deserves to be killed -racist or not. I am not really sure of what the man stood for. The public speeches made by him ,that I came across are very vague concerning what he thinks of black people in the modern south african context.Please could anonimous and anonimous shed light regarding the true motives of storming the codesa discussions in the early 1990's.

  4. Oh please, he got this one coming a loooong time ago. Okay? One less scum for us to deal with. You don't like it? Try New Zealand like the rest of 'em.

  5. Sad for all those killed. But have we ever tried to establish the motives behind any of the afore mentioned killings? The image of a black man has been tainted in his own country by a white man, and all that i see is hatred, the fruit of all the junk we are fed.. If we were ever to unite, we need to come to the party, not just one person.

  6. The truth is that South Africa has fallen apart, the violence is rife and it is the murder capital of the world. There is no control as money goes into the wrong pockets, people who built South Africa and made it what it is today are no longer in power instead power has been given to people who are truly clueless and full of corruption. The police are a joke, people of all colors are suffering much more than before. I guess if you want to take over a country and destroy a people it's best to do what the Americans did to the native Indians, efficiency in hatred and racism