Friday, October 14, 2011

What is going on in SA?

by MG
14 -10-2011

We really need to ask or demand changes to the current unacceptable situation South Africa is facing. We have Minister Tokyo Sexwale telling the public that Julius Malema should be tutored and not punished for his transgressions as he is young and needs guidance.

You can vote in this country at 18 so how can Malema, who is in his 30s, be regarded as young? He is currently on a two-year parole period for bringing the ANC and SA into disrepute.He was told that if he did this again during that period his membership in the ANC would be revoked permanently or for a period of time.

Time now to see if the ANC has the balls to carry this through, but past ANC antics would suggest that they will falter.

We have Sicelo Shiceka who has been on full pay since February for spending a large sum of tax payers’ money visiting a girlfriend in a Swiss jail plus spending further sums on a five star hotel. The presidential spokesperson says that the president is still awaiting the outcome of the investigation. This is further echoed in the cases against Bheke Cele and Mahlangu-Nkabinde.

Fraud by government is beyond rampant in this country but where it is exposed the president just seems to put his head in the sand.

He goes to the UN in New York with two wives and talks about Palestine.

He goes to the African Union meetings and defends Gadaffi’s regime.

He sits in Sandton and talks about decent work policies. This is a bit like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

It is little wonder that Mugabe and his regime continues to be tolerated by Zuma who has been given the responsibility of mediating the Global Political Agreement. We ask, how many deadlines Mugabe has been given by SADC, that have been ignored and absolutely no action taken against him or his party.

I would suggest, given the current kleptocracy bedevilling SA, that the ANC has taken lessons from Zanu-PF as to how to best loot a country. The number of comparisons between the ruling parties running, or should I saying looting their countries coffers, are too numerous to ignore.

It is as if once you are in a position of power within the ANC it is your right to enrich yourself.

It is your right to break laws the rest of the population must abide by. For instance you can break the speed limit in your blue light luxury vehicle with impunity because if the police dare catch you, they end up in trouble.

This we saw recently where a convicted fraudster who is also a Member of Parliament, turned the tables on the police for just trying to do their job.

Thus, as the ANC are trying to muzzle the press, the cases that the courageous Public Protector does manage to bring to the attention of South Africans, the President does nought about them and the culprits carry on as usual.
What the hell is happening in South Africa?

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