Monday, October 10, 2011

UN Asked To Stop Boer Genocide

A leader of White-Afrikaner-Boers has written an impassioned plea to the United Nations to intervene in the silent genocide taking place against his people in South Africa.

“We have a full-blown genocide raging against the Boerevolk,” Dr. Lets Pretorious said in an exclusive interview with The Right Perspective. “It is escelating day-to-day in South Africa.”

In addition to the approximately 3,800 White-Afrikaner-Boers killed in plaasmorde attacks across the country, many tens of thousands in urban areas also are assaulted, mutilated, tortured, and torched to death inside their cars and homes in an ethnic-cleansing campaign crossing all normal societial boundaries.

Since South Africa was turned over to ANC rule, Dr. Lets notes the number of White-Afrikaner-Boer farmers has plumeted from 85,000 in 1994 to less than 12,000 today, having either been killed or driven out of the country.

South Africa risks driving headlong into famine and destitution, ala Zimbabwe, as the country’s only food producers are being driven off the land they have lived on for nearly 400 years.

“The Boer farmers now occupy less than one-percent of the total surface-area of the country,” Dr. Lets noted.

“Our people are being murdered with great ferocity, Boer victims often are found with many dozens of stab- and gunshot wounds and grossly mutilated, indicating that these were acts of hatred towards us as a people,” Dr. Lets said, quoting information found on a website established to monitor the attacks in real time,

Dr. Lets noted that while many Black people are also killed in South Africa due to the fact that they make up the vast majority, “it’s the extreme ferocity being shown towards the Boers while they are being slaughtered which is so horrifying.

The bodies of Boers are found with dozens of stab-wounds, riddled with bullets, often grossly mutilated, the girls and women often having to endure hours of sexual mutilation, the babies are shot dead execution-style.”

Police have discovered that many of the attacks are meticulously pre-planned, with outlays of farm houses and property mapped out by the assailants as if a military incursion was being drawn up, Dr. Lets noted.

In his letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon written last December, which can be downloaded here in .pdf format, Dr. Lets asks that “International measures” be taken to “counter the Genocide in South Africa.” After getting an offical response acknowledging reciept of the letter, no other developments have happened since.

Dr. Lets also wrote a similar letter to South African president Jacob Zuma. Again, no action has been taken in response to the letter.

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  1. Politicians = The Master Chess Players
    The Chess Pieces = The Lives Of Innocent Citizens
    The Prize = Blood Money Made Out Of Corruption
    History Teaches = Without The White Man, The Future Is Pitch Black !