Monday, October 10, 2011


10th October 2011

By Shane

So I have recently come to hear about “operation ubuntu” that from the 15th of October will attempt to take back South Africa from the greedy criminals that are running it? Members of this leaderless operation are going to occupy parliament and the JSE and various other strategic points in South Africa to bring about change? Well sorry but I fell off my chair laughing!!

I know that is not very nice of me but seriously? I have lived here my whole life and I know for a fact that if the government decides to shaft us we will bend over and offer them a pot of Vaseline to make the shafting easier!! And that sadly is the cold hard truth!! We collectively as a people can do nothing and we have proved it over and over again! That is why our leaders are plundering our economy into ruin , because they know we will do nothing. This was once a country that knew law and order intimately, and we have have fallen so far that we are known internationally as one of the most dangerous countries in the world, our wives and daughters live in the rape capital of the world and what have we done?? Nothing!!

There are more unemployed and starving people than ever before in this countries history? And what are we doing? Nothing!! 85% of our political leaders are known felons with criminal records and what do we do about it? Nothing!! Our president has been charged with Rape, fraud and corruption yet he is still our president?? Why – because we do nothing and we do it well!! Now you expect me to believe that South Africans will rise up like the brave Egyptians and Libyans and demand that the government is held to a higher standard? Sorry pal you got the wrong country – this lot like being shafted by their leaders. Vaseline sales in South Africa are through the roof!!

So this ubuntu ( taking back South Africa) movement is leaderless? Why? Are there no leaders left among us that will stand up and be counted? Or are they all standing in line at the shop trying to buy their pot of Vaseline, to facilitate the next round of shafting that is sure to come our way? I have been reporting on the mood and temperament of this once great nation for a very long time, and all I can say is , short of actual genocide I don’t think anything will actually spur them into action? That being said when they finally do decide to act – it will be the stuff of legend as the heroes of our past have proved! I just hope I have not died of old age by then and that there is something worth saving in this country at that point??

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  1. Ok so one half of the article you talk about the people of SA doing nothing against greed.
    And the other half you talk about operation Ubuntu being useless ?

    I am sorry. But can you not see the point ? Ubuntu IS us doing something, it's not much and won't change alot, but we are in an age where we CAN change our government, where all people can be enlightened, which is extremely dangerous for governments. Just stand up, voice what we feel, and prove that we are not sheep electing 300 people to rule us, but we can actually just say fuck you.
    Leaderless is a symbol. You are missing the point. Having a leader defies the point, we all know what happens to leaders (Animal farm ? :)
    So for now, peaceful protests as a giant FUCK YOU. Later, who knows? Capitalism is failing Communism doesn't work, democracy is just the best option available and dictators will fall.

    Use the Arab Spring as a nice example. Or the fall of the Berlin wall. Exept now there is no enemy but our built in human greed