Friday, June 3, 2011

South Africa: It Was Just Time For Change

Mike Smith - 12/21/2007

On South African television the interviewer asks a black man, "So whom do you want to win the ANC leadership election and why?"

He answers, "Jacob Zuma, because I think it is time for a change".

Ten years ago I heard almost those exact same words coming from a White, British man. I asked him, "So whom do you want to win, John Major (conservative) or Tony Blair (liberal)?"

His answer was, "Tony Blair, because it is time for a change".

That answer came as a shock to me.

I could not believe that such an intelligent and educated man could come up with such a lousy reason. He was not the only one who had "a change" as a reason for voting Labour. History shows us it was the biggest electoral defeats since 1832. In the end their own supporters voted the conservatives out, because they thought, "it was time for a change".

After ten years of liberal policy in the United Kingdom, what do we have? Increased levels of crime, virtually uncontrolled immigration, Muslims rioting and protesting in the streats… and so on. First the UK had colonies, now they ARE the colony. They are being colonized by their former colonies. Yes, thanks to voting for "a change".

Strange how people can always equate "a change" with a shift in the right direction. Why can it not mean a shift in the WRONG direction?

Zuma has many supporters; from the figures I saw it looks like a two third majority. Many of his supporters are full of hope. They see him as the hero who will fix everything. Not for one moment do they think that things can go horribly wrong for them. When you suggest in that direction, even whites say that things can’t get worse than it was under Mbeki!

How I laugh at these poor sods.

Mugabe was once seen as a "moderate" and praised by 80 percent of Zimbabweans, including many whites.

When Stalin took over from Lenin, many people had many good things to say about him. They also said it can’t get any worse than things was under Lenin. How wrong they were. Stalin killed more than 15 million of his own citizens.

Let us see what legacy Zuma leaves behind.

Expect the following in the next five to ten years:

· The constitution to be changed;

· Aids cases to double;

· Crime to escalate to at least three times current levels;

· Mines and big businesses to be Nationalized;

· The economy to crash along with the currency;

· Education to crash;

· Health care to crash;

· White’s farms and businesses to be confiscated and handed over to blacks;

· White’s houses to be confiscated and handed over to blacks;

· Citizens to be disarmed further;

· Freedom of speech to disappear;

· Travel restrictions on citizens;

· Genocide and attempted genocide against groups considered traditionally hostile to the state, such as Afrikaners, Indians and Coloureds (as Mugabe did with thirty thousand Matabeles in 1983);

· Animals in National parks to be slaughtered en masse.

Yes people… you think South Africa Sucks? You aint seen nothing yet. The sooner you start preparing yourself for the future, the better. Start thinking about contingencies; start thinking "Worst Case Scenario"! Bad, just got worse.

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