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Labor Negotiations with the ANC

Mike Smith - 12/27/2007

In a recent article (, the boys from Solidarity, Flip Buys, Dirk Herman, Kallie Kriel and other predominantly-white unions claimed to believe that they can bargain with the ANC. But to bargain successfully or even negotiate, you have to have some kind of leverage. You must have either money, numbers of people or superior weaponry. Why would Jacob Zuma and the ANC even listen to Solidarity??

Solidarity has nothing; Not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. No money, no masses of people and certainly no weapons.

How can you bargain for a higher salary when you are unemployed? What are you going to fall back on when the deal falls through? Who stands to lose the most from the deal falling through?

Can you see my point? You never bargain from a point of a real need. Sun Tzu says you first win the war and then you go to battle.

The mistake these Afrikaner “Academics and Intelligentsia” makes is that they do not believe the Communist Tripartite Alliance (ANC, SACP, Cosatu) are their enemies. They honestly believe these people are reasonable human beings who will listen to their Afrikaner concerns. Dirk Herman wrote a little booklet on how to implement Affirmative action “Fairly”, called the “Good Practice guide to Affirmative Action” ( not sure about the exact title, My copy is…somewhere…) . What a crock. Even he admitted later that it was a failure and the ANC wiped their arsses with it.

Why should the ANC listen to Solidarity? It is not their people who suffer under Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. It is not their language and schools coming under attack. The ANC have nothing to negotiate for. They have everything already! So why should they even bother wasting time to come to the negotiating table? Solidarity will just be wasting their time.

I know how Solidarity will negotiate with the ANC. They want to propose a deal that will be beneficial to both sides; a win-win negotiation. They want to come with their western, capitalistic approach and show the ANC that both can walk away being winners. They are going to come up with the usual “Goals, Trade-offs, Alternatives, etc” nonsense of negotiating, that one gets taught on a two day course.

The truth is that the ANC is not interested. Just the fact that these Afrikaners want to bargain or negotiate is a sign of weakness to the ANC. If the Afrikaners had any balls they would first fight and then negotiate. All the ANC policies are aimed at total destruction of Whites in South Africa; their main focus is the Afrikaner; more particular …”The Afrikaner Intelligentsia”.

I cannot believe these so called Afrikaner leaders have not figured this elementary principle of warfare out. Karl von Clausewitz writes about it extensively in his books.

“Trace the ultimate substance of enemy strength to the fewest possible sources; compress the attack on these sources to the fewest possible actions; and subordinate minor actions as much as possible.” – On War, KvC.

In simple terms, “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”.

I am sure the Communists are au fait with Von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. It is amazing that these so called Afrikaner leaders are such idiots.

Yes, Flip, Dirk and Kallie…start realizing that the YOU are the fly in the ointment to the ANC. They are coming after you and all your “Intelligentsia” buddies in the Afrikanerbond. They won’t stop until the last one of you is out of this country. You are the biggest threat to them, which is why they want you gone.

Over the last 15 years, the ANC have bribed, conned and lied the Afrikaners out of their leadership. What we sit wit now are the dregs that are left over.

Either this Afrikaner Intelligentsia is amazingly stupid or they are just pretending to put up a fight against the ANC. Are they already in the pockets of the opposition? Maybe they should come out and tell us what the hell is really going on? Are they being paid to put up a WWF-wrestling show for us? Dare I say, a mock fight? I would really like to know.

If these Afrikaner leaders are really interested in negotiating, they should first study their opponents and their opponent’s tactics carefully. Then, after they have formulated a strategy of their own, get some leverage. Then, and only then…you go to the negotiating table. Your opponent should be the one wanting to negotiate…not you. In fact, your opponent should be begging for negotiations, not you.

What these “Afrikaner Intelligentsia” of Solidarity, Afri-forum and the Afrikanerbond do not realize or do not want to acknowledge is that their enemies are bent on their total annihilation while they (the Arikaners) merely want to survive. These Afrikaners want to pretend that there are no wolves attacking the sheep. The flock will never be able to graze freely and in peace, unless the Afrikaners have some Sheepdogs protecting the perimeter against the wolves.

Unless they change their strategy and tactics drastically, the ANC will be forever walking over them. Maybe the first thing they have to do is acknowledge how deep they are in the brown smelly stuff. Work from there. Work themselves into a better position, later into a dominant position, only then can they go for a choke or a submission.

In the mean time I can see the ANC scoffing and laughing at these amateurs; me too.

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