Monday, April 25, 2011

Elite Cop Held

'Road rage' - elite cop held


A 29-year-old Johannesburg Central police constable arrested for attempted murder in Limpopo was granted bail on Sunday, police said. Bail was arranged at court on a sunday ... over the easter weekend? Guess some strings are being pulled here. Maybe he is an ANC officials son or something.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohale Ramatseba said the policeman's lawyer arranged bail with the Malamulele Magistrate's Court on Sunday, and he was granted bail of R1 000.

"The suspect is expected to appear before the Malamulele Magistrate's Court on Tuesday pending further police investigations," he said.

Ramatseba said the constable, who was attached to the tactical response team in Gauteng, was arrested on Friday for allegedly shooting randomly when his car collided with another car at Mavambe village in Malamulele.

"No one was injured during his indiscriminate shooting," he said.

Why do these animals keep dragging us down to the shi*pits? Where the hell is Cele's leadership? The man at the top is responsible for all this. How did this low life get bail on Sunday? And only a thousand rand at that?

There is no such thing as an "elite" cop in SA. You get ticket writers, bribe takers, drug runners, friens of drug runners, club-people-to-death cops, etc...........but no elite cops.

Elite? Must be a foreign word for Arsehole?

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