Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Cyril Beeka Circus....

The Cyril Beeka Circus....


 By Mike Smith
3rd of April 2011


 This past week saw the funeral of well known underworld boss Cyril Beeka who was killed a fortnight ago by a professional hit man on a motor cycle.

Beeka who ran a string of night club bouncer operations, extortion rackets and escort agencies apparently was connected to obscure Czech and Russian mafia characters operating in South Africa…as well as obviously to the equally criminal National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the biggest mafia gang in South Africa, the ANC Xhosa Nostra.

 His funeral yesterday must go down as the circus of the year. At his funeral service on Saturday at the Plumstead Cemetery, no reference was made to Beeka’s shady past and underworld interests, but opened to the karaoke sounds of Frank Sinatra singing of My Way, while photographs from Beeka’s life were shown on large screens around the centre.

White doves were released…

Security at the venue was tight. Guards with hand-held metal detectors scanned all who entered the centre’s grounds.

Even the Men-in-Black were there…Inside the building, burly ushers in dark suits, each with a radio receiver plugged into his ear, patrolled the aisles.

His extra marital Russian squeeze, Natalia and their 11 month old baby son also made an appearance. She made a speech in horrible English that sounded like, “Me so horny. Me love you long time. Me love you twenty dollar…” or something to that effect.

His coffin was draped in an ANC flag, obviously showing where his allegiance lay. The (white) pastor, Neville McDonald sang the praises of Beeka and asked the people not to judge. He said, “Jesus himself also use to hang out with doubtful characters”…not sure if that was a pun playing on the crucifixion or whether he meant the twelve Apostles or the women of questionable characters as portrayed in Luke 7 and 8.

Nevertheless, no ANC leaders attended his funeral…not surprisingly seeing that the May elections are around the corner and they cannot be seen supporting criminals as they did in 2006 when the ANC Premier of the Western Cape, Ebrahim Rasool, carried the ANC terrorist, chief whip, drunk driver and convicted fraudster, Tony Yengeni shoulder high into Pollsmoor Prison…setting a perfect example for the youth of the country.

Beeka’s soul apparently traveled up to heaven but when he wanted to enter, this is what Jesus had to say… 


  1. I love how people can jump on the band wagon when a man like Mr Cyril Beeka gets brutally assassinated. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr Smith. People who did know Mr Beeka only know him from the stories written in newspapers...

  2. fuck you Smith, you such a swain that will retire writing nonsensical bull s stories. Ma se poes you will die with a baseball bat sharved in your ass. Since your peverted stories never reached the national press, you most probably was @ the funeral for the snack and mineral water......Ass Wipe. We will be in the look out for ASSeS like you.