Sunday, April 3, 2011

Turning back 350 years of oppression

Turning back 350 years of oppression .....


By Mike Smith
2nd of April 2011

I see the official Government spokesperson, Jimmy Manyi has a few things to say about turning back 350 years of colonialism.

Manyi is also the president of the racist Black Management Forum that does not allow White members. This is in a country with the most liberal constitution in the world.

I do not have a problem with him belonging to a Black Management Forum as long as a White Management forum will also be tolerated.

Surely in such a liberal country as South Africa, there should be only a “Management Forum”, without the racial pre-fix.

Nevertheless, at the Tomorrow's Leaders convention in Sandton this past week, Manyi said, “Seventeen years will never be enough. Do you understand what it is to turn around 350 years of deprivation?”

The ANC Marxist terrorist regime‘s chief Racist and spokesman a few days ago also said that there are too many coloured people in the Cape.

Manyi’s shows an obvious lack of knowledge of the history of South Africa and especially of the his own race seeing that Whites in SA only met the first Blacks about 120 years after they have landed at the Cape in 1652…Which cuts Manyi’s 350 years down to an immediate 230 years and seeing that Whites did not enslave South African blacks, I wonder what the hell he is talking about? Apartheid? That would be 1948-1994…46 years…And he will have a hard time convincing me that Apartheid was repressive.

Not surprising coming from someone who belongs to a race with no written language or history until about 150 years ago when white missionaries learned their languages from them and taught them how to read and write their own languages.

Manyi should set the example and start turning the clock back 350 years by ditching his Western style Armani suits for his traditional animal skins as well as his spectacles that he wears and stop speaking over the white man’s microphone in cities built by white people.

But as usual one has to read between the lines when the ANC speaks. The ANC speaks in a language that is difficult for normal people to understand. Undoing 350 years of oppression simply means getting rid of all whites. That is the bottom line.

The ANC Marxist scum will not rest until every single white person has been chased out of the country or killed.

You can read his drivel over here

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