Monday, August 15, 2011

Tension in SA 'crazy'

The racial tension in this country of ours is driving me crazy. If it is not the idiot youth league leader hurling racial slurs it’s the Archbishop!

I have a message for these people.

Dear Archbishop Desmond Tutu,

It shocked me to see the
racial statement you made. I always had respect for you but you disappointed and angered me by abusing your position as a religious leader to publicly promote racism in South Africa. Your true colours came out and you have lost the respect of many. You should rather be concerned with religion and leave politics to the politicians. You are a walking contradiction and I pity you!

Dear Julius Malema,

I have so much to say to you but will keep it short, simple and sweet so that you can understand it clearly.

You are a power hungry, uneducated, racist man. You are abusing your position as Youth League leader (at the expense of the youth) to enrich yourself and create racial polarisation in South Africa. How does it feel to be the most hated man in South Africa? One of these days all your bad deeds will catch up with you and I will personally hand you a jar of Vaseline on the day of your sentencing!

To the rest of you whitey haters,

If an African is born in America he becomes a legal citizen of the USA and is known as an African-American. Correct?

I was born in South Africa and so was 10 generations of my family. That makes me a legal citizen of South Africa - a European African!

I am a proud South African and love my country but the current political climate makes it hard for me not to imagine the worst.

Have you ever thought how the average white person feels about living in South Africa at this moment? They are bombarded with public racial statements against them from all sides, disadvantaged with BEE and Affirmative action and blamed for something that ended 17 years ago.

Not all whites supported the apartheid government and most of us are not and have never been racist!

Most whites (including myself) have nowhere else to go. It is extremely expensive to move to another country and most of us cannot afford it.

Even if I could I would never leave my home! Just like most of the other white South Africans I will have no choice but to stay and fight for my rights!

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