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Political Correctness the New Racism

Thursday, 02 December 2010     

Jon Phillips

Fifty-three-year-old white South African author Annelie Botes, a novellist, has caused a race-relations sensation in South Africa after remarks she made in an interview with the Afrikaans newspaper Rapport.

She said: "I don't like black people," when asked what sort of people she disliked, continuing, "I don’t understand them! I know they are people just like me. I know they have the same rights as me. But I do not understand them. And then I do not like them. I avoid them because I am scared of them. My neighbour was brutally murdered. For what?

“If black people are hungry, why don’t they, like in the old days, break in, steal the fridge and walk away? I know where their anger comes from. It has f**k all to do with apartheid. They are angry because of their own incompetence.”

Unsurprisingly, her remarks have caused somewhat of a sensation in South Africa, with many blacks accusing her of being “stuck in the past” and many whites supporting her candour.

Deeper issue

No one, I hope, would dispute Botes' right to say what she said; it was not an incitement to hatred – merely an expression of her personal feelings. Indeed, she merely expressed dislike – not hatred, as some would seek to construe. There is, however, a deeper issue here: that of political correctness. Worldwide, it would seem, it is racist to be pro-white, but not to be pro-black. It is acceptable to have associations and clubs for blacks only, but racist if associations or clubs are for whites only.

The barometer of madness perhaps peaked during the recent FIFA World Cup when, in England, blacks criticised English football supporters who proudly flew their country's Cross of St George flag. What nonsense is this? This is not people waving swastikas or even Old South African flags – which some may claim to be offensive for historical reasons, but English people waving English flags. The world has gone mad.

Smear campaigns

There is, of course, a reason for all of this. In England the phrase is “playing the man and not the ball”. If you cannot defeat an opponent by the logic of your argument, you discredit him by smear and allegation.

Recently, Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was hacked to death in his home – allegedly by two of his workers, although many of us believe that it was the dirty tricks department of the South African secret service. Shortly after his savage murder, newspapers and web sites in this country ran front-page articles concerning the fact that his trousers were round his ankles at the time of his murder. It was alleged, or insinuated, that he had sodomised his black workers. Later, of course, this was proved not to be the case, but the allegation so prominently made was only quietly retracted.

Another Boer leader, former Kommandant (Lt. Colonel) Willem Ratte was arrested along with some young white men he was trying to rehabilitate on his farm. This time, this former Rhodesian SAS and South African Special Forces hero – called South Africa's best soldier – was alleged to have had dagga (marijuana) on his farm and child pornography. It seems that the left will stop at nothing in their systematic campaign to discredit Boere.

The issues

No one, of course, is addressing the issues of what Botes said, because they are too busy naming her a racist and diverting attention from her actual message.
The sad fact of the matter is this: as she said – if you are hungry, why not steal the fridge or food? If you are in a wage dispute (as Terre'Blanche's so-called murderers claimed), why is it necessary to go to conduct negotiations with a panga (machete) and knobkerrie? Why is it necessary to shoot a man down in cold blood after you have stolen his car? Why is it necessary to gang-rape, torture, and then thrust broken bottles into the anus and vagina of an 84-year-old woman who couldn't hurt a fly?

Readers in Europe must ask these questions of themselves – and ask their elected representatives in national parliaments and in the European Parliament what they are doing to bring pressure to bear on SA President Zuma to control his followers or failing that, to apply sanctions as they were quick to do in the past.

The only logical answer to these questions is that blacks are deliberately setting out to terrorise whites. They aim to push us to the brink, at which point we will have no choice but to defend ourselves. Then, of course, they can use this as a pretext to launch Mugabe-style farm invasions. History teaches us where that will lead.

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  1. It's amazing how anything can be done and said to Whites and it's not racist according to (Marxist) political correctness but the moment a White person shows an inkling of self determination and concern for their heritage, they are called a racist and a White supremacist. Diversity is code for anti-White. Must see on Youtube: Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness (Documentary)