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ANC Lies Exposed and Countered

By Mike Smith
22nd of July 2011

Here you can see the lies coming from the president’s office. Mngadi is the chief director for communications (Jacob Zuma’s chief Spin-doctor) in the Office of the President, in the Presidency.

It comes after allegations in the Sowetan that President Zuma is an utter failure and that blacks are starting to question whether the New (Improved) South Africa is really better than Apartheid South Africa.

He comes up with figures quoted from nowhere. No proof of any of these statistics, but wants to dazzle a few stupid liberal whites and their beloved noble savages with a few figures.

Problem with the ANC is that nobody swallows their lies anymore. It is so easy to counter, expose their lies and prove them wrong. They have zero credibility. Everyone can see they are only in it to enrich themselves and bugger the poor. But let us have a look at these
ANC lies anyway, because this is standard ANC spin to convince blacks that the ANC is good towards them and that South Africa under ANC corruption and misrule is better than Apartheid South Africa. One finds these recurrent lies on several online forums and in several debates so it is good to be armed with the truth in such instances.

1. More than two million houses have been built for the poor, giving shelter to over 10million people.

Truth: The building of houses by the ANC is nothing but a money making racket fraught with nepotism and corruption. Billions of Rands is spent on houses that fall apart after three months and which have to be rebuilt later at astronomical costs later. When a house has to be rebuilt several times, one cannot count it as several houses.
R1,3bn needed to rebuild horrible RDP houses
Condemned ANC houses have to be rebuilt

2. Six million households have gained access to clean water since 1994 and electricity has been connected to nearly five million homes. In 1994, only 62percent of households had access to clean drinking water, today 93percent do.

Truth: This is a blatant lie and in fact there is a water crisis in South Africa. A combination of polluted water sources and poor management of dams, sewerage works and treatment plants has led to a situation where our water supply is under serious threat. Acid water is flooding the abandoned mines.
South Africa’s dirty water crisis thanks to ANC neglect and incompetence
South Africa’s water crisis is real not looming

3. In 1994, only 50percent of households had access to decent sanitation, today 77percent do. In 1994, only 36percent of South Africans had access to electricity, today 84percent do.

Truth: Another thumb suck and blatant lie. Truth is that South African sewage works have been run down, and neglected to levels where catastrophic diseases can break out. Even the ANC government admitted their failure and neglect.
SA 'drowning in sewage'
Sewage works neglected - govt
SA sewage a disaster waiting to happen

4. Today the majority of people are provided free basic services in water and electricity.

Truth: Another blatant ANC lie. First of all there is no such thing as free services. The 9% minority of whites subsidizes the services for blacks where it is delivered, which is seldom. For the last seven years already there are almost daily strikes and protests against ANC poor service delivery throughout the country 17 years after the ANC has taken over. Local municipalities are fraught with corruption, outright theft and self enrichment. Protests are violently suppressed by the police. Electricity is stolen and infrastructure is sabotaged.
SA hit by service-delivery protests
SA Police brutality and service delivery protests
Rebellion of the poor. SA service delivery protests
Electricity theft costs Eskom billions
President Zuma says electricity theft should be fought
Electricity theft and non-payment - Impact on the SA generation capacity crisis
Cable theft worsens. Threatens South Africa’s power supply
Mbeki admits the government is at fault for South Africa’s electricity crisis

5. By 2010, close to 15million people were receiving social grants. Of those, 9,5million are children aged under 14 years, compared with just 2,4million in 1996. This year the child support grant has been extended to children up to the age of 18 years, an additional two million children, in order to alleviate poverty.

Truth: People should get jobs not grants. This is an admission of failure that the ANC is incapable of creating jobs for a quarter of blacks in SA. It is an admission that they punish and take money from the productive hardworking taxpayers and rewards the unproductive and lazy. It is a recipe for disaster. The system is fraught with people claiming extra grants with false ID documents and claiming thre-four grants of deceased people.
Millions more will get social grants
Massive social grant fraud uncovered
R238m lost to social grant fraud
6 000 public servants in KwaZulu-Natal being investigated and could be arrested for fraud and corruption involving social grants

6. More than 400000 children receive government subsidies to attend early childhood development centres. More than 8million children at primary and secondary schools benefit from school feeding schemes.

Truth: Since 1995 the fraud and corruption involved with the feeding schemes of black school children in South Africa have been reported. They even poisoned black children with toxic peanut butter just to make a quick few bucks. White school children, even poor ones are not helped by a school feeding scheme. Only black children are.
Incompetence and fraud threaten school feeding programme
Fraud probe launched in peanut butter scandal

7. This year government announced expanded access to tertiary education. Student loans are now being converted into bursaries for qualifying final-year students. Students in further education and training colleges who qualify for financial aid are now exempted from paying fees.

Truth: White students do not qualify for bursaries, only blacks do. Blacks study for free where whites have to pay exorbitant fees. Entry standards for whites are much higher than for blacks. The white minority of 9% is racially discriminated against at school and university level. School certificates and report cards are falsified on a massive scale, which means that black students get into university illegally. White matric student’s marks are manipulated down and black’s marks are manipulated up.
Five arrested for school fraud
Cops seize 500,000 exam papers
Matric results manipulated
How SA matric results gets manipulated
University of Cape Town Racist quota system
UCT admission policy racist
Top white Afrikaner student refused bursary at Armscor
Whites now allowed access to Denel bursaries
Racism against white students at South African Universities

8. Crime is declining. The murder rate, for example, declined by 8,6 percent in 2010.

Truth: Another lie and manipulation, probably the biggest one of them all. There is currently a moratorium on crime statistics in South Africa. The public is not allowed to know the true extent of crime. When figures are released it is out of date and heavily massaged and manipulated. Police bungle cases that leads to low conviction rates. Forensic laboratories are overloaded. Police dockets, post mortem reports disappear and top police officers like Mzwandile Petros gave orders to falsify dockets.
Petros gave order to falsify Tony Yengeni’s drunk driving ddocket
How cops cooked crime books to reflect lower incidence of violent crime
Cloud over murder statistics as filing cabinet with post mortem reports discovered
South Africa’s murder rate far higher than reported
SA Crime Statistics: Facts & Fallacies

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