Sunday, May 29, 2011


 Vegetables 5 million

It costs 100 billion for ONE egg, not three. Three eggs cost 300 billion.

For a beer after office hours.......

If you don’t want to carry a lot of money, change it to USD.
Nobody wants to count the money, just weigh it.

Just for perspective, the Australian Dollar has a 100 dollar note with 2 zeroes. Zimbabwe's 100 trillion will have 15 zeroes. Take that............

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  1. I just want to note the fun irony of their situation

    They revolted against white ruled Rhodesia (not really white ruled because anyone middle class or above had the right to vote, blacks had fewer votes because blacks had fewer in the middle class) because they wanted the same wealth the white Rhodesians had. And now they have NOTHING.

    It's hilarious. Sadly these people are able to claim asylum in many Western nations, where many Rhodesians now live. If I was a Rhodesian I would go to the slums of cities like London or Melbourne and laugh at these morons, laugh and laugh.