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May 28, 2011

Fraudster attacked at golf course by 'racists who insulted Zuma and ANC'

Fraudster Schabir Shaik is licking his wounds after being beaten up by four men who called him a "k****r- lover".

The attack took place at the same KwaZulu-Natal golf course where Shaik allegedly assaulted a journalist four months ago. 

But President Jacob Zuma's former financial adviser says he was at the receiving end two weeks ago after a heated exchange in the clubhouse at the Papwa Sewgolum golf course in Reservoir Hills. 

The club's management declined to comment yesterday, saying they did not want to get involved. 

Shaik said on Friday the four men punched and kicked him, continuing after he fell to the ground, as several shocked bystanders watched. 

"They got stuck into me," he said. 

"Nobody even tried to help me. I didn't want to fight them ... I could have taken them on ... (but) I just took the blows and the shots and then just walked away." 

He must be in pretty good shape for someone who is terminally ill. 

Shaik was summoned by the parole board after his alleged attack on a Durban journalist at the golf course earlier this year. 

Shaik allegedly grabbed the journalist by the throat, slapped her on both cheeks and asked her if she was a "terrorist". Police have yet to finalise their investigation. 

A month later, in March, Shaik allegedly assaulted a 42-year-old accountant at the Masjid al Hilal mosque in Overport, Durban. The accountant, Mahomed Ismail, did not lay charges. 

In the latest incident, Shaik said he was in the clubhouse after a round of golf when he overheard the men talking ill of the ANC and Zuma. 

"They were talking very loudly so I could hear them. They were drunk too," he said. 

"They called the president the k-word. I said to them I could not bear to listen to this ... and told them to stop. I told them I have been in the struggle for a long time and we don't refer to the president or other human beings by the k-word," said Shaik. 

Give those men a Bells!!!! 


The men, who Shaik does not know, then called him a "k****r-lover". 

Shaik suffered injuries to his abdomen and rib cage. "I went to see my doctor ... (but) it turned out that it wasn't too serious." 

For years Shaik and Zuma maintained a close relationship. But in March Zuma's office revealed that it was over. The two have apparently not seen or spoken to each other since Zuma's inauguration in May 2009. 

Shaik - who spent two years and four months in Westville Prison and in various Durban hospitals before his controversial parole on March 3, 2009 owing to a "terminal illness" - was convicted on two counts of corruption and one count of fraud relating to his relationship with Zuma. 

Shaik said he had decided against laying charges. 

"If I laid charges against them it will be another big thing. Correctional Services would not hear both sides of the story. They would whisk me straight to jail," he said. 

"I am more afraid of the authorities than anything else." 

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