Tuesday, May 17, 2011


May 16, 2011

Hospital matron still at work

The KwaZulu-Natal health department said yesterday that it was investigating allegations that a senior nurse at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital, in Durban, had sold antiretroviral medication to dealers who sold street drug "whoonga". 

 It is alleged that Zanele Dlamini, a matron in the trauma unit at the hospital, was selling the HIV and Aids cocktail and that it was used in the concoction of whoonga. 

The scandal has rocked the hospital. Nurses say they are angry with their managers for trying to sweep it under the carpet. 

The nurses, who asked not to be named, are upset that the matron has kept her job since the allegations surfaced in April. 

They said they were disappointed that the hospital management let her continue to work at the hospital "as if nothing had happened". 

"The incident is being talked about in hushed tones in the hospital passages. 

"No disciplinary action has been taken against her," said a nurse. 

Health Department spokesman Chris Maxon said that an internal investigation was under way.
Maxon said the department was in possession of affidavits relating to the allegations against the matron. 

"These are very serious allegations against the senior member of staff.
"Through this investigation the department is determined to find the truth in the matter," he said. 


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