Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4-day rape ordeal

May 17 2011 

Police are searching for three suspects for the alleged abduction and rape of a Cape Flats woman. 

The 20-year-old Philippi woman was found on Sunday morning, tied up and wrapped in black garbage bags. 

Her abductors allegedly held her hostage for nearly four days during which she was repeatedly raped and assaulted. 

Her horror started on Tuesday morning when she was knocked unconscious while walking to Nyanga terminus. 

The shaken woman says that her three attackers raped her several times between Tuesday and Saturday night when she was dumped on an open field in Wesbank. 

Resident Wayne Jansen found the woman with her hands and legs tied and wrapped in black bags. 

“One of the children came to tell me that there’s a woman screaming from the top of the hill,” he says. 

“At first I didn’t believe the child then I asked my neighbour to go with me to see if there was anything.” 

When they arrived at the top of the hill along Hindle Road they found the helpless woman sitting upright. 

She had managed to bite a hole in the bag to breathe. 

“She was wet because of the mist and she looked very dehydrated,” he explains. 

“She told us that she was abducted on Tuesday and that she was dumped here on Saturday. 

“She was very confused and tired, and I immediately called the police.” 

Police spokesperson Andre Traut confirmed the incident, saying a case of abduction and rape is being investigated. 

“When police arrived she was found covered in a black bag. It’s believed the suspects were trying to suffocate her,” Colonel Traut says. 

The men are still at large and police request anyone who can assist them with the investigation.


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