Monday, May 16, 2011

Too Little Too Late Mr Zuma?

May 16, 2011

ANC will act against councillors who mess up 


The ANC will act against councillors who do not do their jobs, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday. 

"Anyone not doing what they are asked to do by the government, we are going to take action," Zuma told Riverlea residents. 

"If anyone of us... mess up, people don't blame us as individuals, they blame the ANC.
"We are not going to allow comrades to mess up, we are going to take action." 

The community cheered as Zuma said that "this time around", the ANC would do things "differently". 

"We must take the municipalities, but at the same time we must pay attention to our comrades we give responsibility to. 

"We are going to take action.... This time around we are going to talk to the councillors... so you are not discouraged at the end that people are not doing their work." 

Monitoring of all three spheres of government would be strengthened after the May 18 polls, he said. 

Zuma urged the community members to vote for the ANC, which he said was the only party with a "history and a future". 

"The ANC brings hope... The more the ANC has votes, the more energy it has to move forward," he said.

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