Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Dies - Hospital Negligence

'Uncaring' black staffers at the Potchefstroom government hospital are accused of neglecting and killing Afrikaans newborn Anushka Kruger in January 2011 - say the baby's parents and grandparents who were present at the birth and for two hours afterwards.

Afrikaans mom Yvonne Kruger, 23 of Randfontein repeatedly warned the Potchefstroom government hospital staffers when she was admitted into her sixth month of pregnancy that she needed a caesarian to give birth: she had been diagnosed as suffering from "placenta praevia" - in which the placenta is attached to the uterus. However the uncaring, rude black staffers just ignored the young Afrikaans mom and her husband and parents' warnings and forced her to deliver the baby 'naturally'. Then her baby, staffers claimed, was born dead: however the parents and grandparents held the baby alive and crying in their arms and the baby was still alive two hours after her birth. The Kruger family accuse the hospital staffers of killing the baby: the infant had to be identified inside a 'STEAMED UP' PLASTIC BAG, the family says.

Mrs Kruger was admitted in January when she was six months pregnant. She repeatedly warned the black nurses that she suffered from an unusual condition called placenta praevia
- in which the placenta is attached to the uterus. The black nurses just told her rudely to 'shut up'.
And hospital spokesman Nico Masiu claimed that there was nothing wrong with Kruger, that she wasn't suffering from placenta praevia...

They decided to have her deliver her baby 'naturally' without a caesarian section : because they wanted to 'not have her suffer the trauma of a scar', and then there were the risks connected to narcosis.'

NURSE SHOVED A SCISSORS INTO HER VAGINA TO BREAK PLACENTAL BAG Yvonne said one of the nurses had shoved a scissors into her vagina to break her placental bag before the delivery. The nurses and hospital staffers deny this - and also deny that they had sent the impoverished Afrikaans couple a bill for a blood-transfusion she had never received.

However the newspaper "Sondag" obtained definite proof of the hospital bill -- and which clearly showed her being charged for extra blood-tests and blood-infusions which the couple will have to pay although these were never done.

The hospital staffers insist that the baby, named Anuscha, was dead when she was born three months early: but the parents Yvonne and Johan and her grandparents testified that they held their tiny baby and that it was alive, crying and in need of help.

Johan: "we were all present at the birth. The baby cried and wept and none of the staffers would help her. They didn't even bother to put the baby in an incubator. They left her right there, screaming and crying."

He said Yvonne lost a great deal of blood during the delivery. He remained with her and the baby for two hours afterwards at the hospital and all that time, baby Anuscha was alive and crying. "The nurses wrapped her insie a cloth, put her inside a silver tray and left her right there inside that tray. She was still alive when I was told to leave two hours later.'


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