Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nepotism At It's Best

Let us not forget who Jeff Radebe is. 

He is a member of the South African Communist Party

His wife is Bridgette Radebe, the country’s richest and most powerful woman 

                                       who owns Mmakau Mining and was put in charge of the 

state owned Alexkor when it “Privatised”...BEE style..that means state assets that was robbed by ANC, BEE moguls. 


She is also the sister of Patrice Motsepe, reportedly the richest man in South Africa.
Patrice Motsepe entered the mining business when South Africa ended apartheid.

                                                        who owns African Rainbow Minerals. 

The mother of Bridgette and Patrice is Magaret Keneilwe, a Tswana Princess, so they do not come from a “Previously Disadvantaged” background, rather a super rich elite background. 

Bridgette is also the sister in law of another BEE mogul

Cyril Ramaphosa

Bridgette and Patrice’s other sister, 

                     Tsepiso Ramaphosa is the wife of Cyril

It was said by the liberals and the communists that the reason for bringing about black rule in South Africa (and Africa) was to uplift the black poor. But in reality, nothing really changed for them - in fact, things are mostly MUCH WORSE now. But the real beneficiaries of black rule were the new, minority, the Black Super Elite - who are often richer than whites ever were, and who do virtually nothing for their fellow blacks, except tell them how the whites did them in. This is the pattern across Africa.

Nowadays people can make millions, even billions just from having a black skin. With even the slightest smidgeon of talent, a black person can getextremely rich, with NO CAPITAL!

Here is how it works. It is forced upon us by law to not only have a certain percent of non-whites in companies, but any business which does not have partial black ownership is discriminated against. For example: No company solely owned by whites can tender for lucrative government contracts. One of the requirements of the tendering process is to prove that one (a) has black partners (b) is engaged in uplifting the blacks, etc.

So what happens is this: Across the board, businesses are seeking any black partners they can find - in anyway, shape or form. These businesses then take black "investors" on board who don't have a cent. All the blacks must do is carry out various duties (normally marketing) and then they are literally "given" huge holdings worth millions - or in some cases - maybe billions!

For example, An advertising company which is owned by a white woman who won the businesswoman of the year award. She realised she needed a black partner. So she signed up one of Winnie Mandela's daughters and gave her a 26% shareholding, literally for nothing - as long as she brings in businessfor the firm.

The reason blacks get such huge percentages worth vast amounts of money is because part of the government requirement is to see that blacks own a certain percentage of the business.

Blacks are promoted, given huge shares in businesses, etc just to make up government quotas. Existing businesses buy up the shells of  failed black empowerment businesses as tax write-offs, and to help them make up quotas so they can get contracts.

An example of a black man with no money who became a millionaire overnight was Cyril Ramaphosa, of the ANC. He left politics, and within a year or two, from nothing, was worth R25 million. How do these people make so much money? They are literally given massive shareholdings in public companies just so that they can show some black faces on their board of directors - and that's pretty much it. It is part of the "cost of business" these days.

Blacks are used, not just to make up quotas, but also because of their political and other contacts.

Patrice Motsepe, who is South Africa's richest black billionaire. Take note: how,  from nothing, he suddenly has stakes worth billions in the world's 5th largest gold mining company and in Sanlam, an insurance giant (created originally by Afrikaners). 

If you think blacks can't exploit and subjugate other blacks worse than whites did, then you don't know Africa.

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  1. This called greed. All these was caused by apartheid. Apartheid caused hatred within blacks. Don't worry, it will be ok. It will take time. Maybe the time equivalent or more than apartheid time. It is always difficult to fix.

    1. Yeah - maybe a couple of hundred years