Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Julius, what do you take us for?

 by Mel 2011-04-12 13:05 

Dear Editor,

When we hear Julius Malema state that he meant no harm by singing a struggle song we have to wonder where his sudden grasp of the English language has come from.

“Contrary to the sentiment expressed by some, which sentiment I believe is misplaced and unreasonable, I do not sing liberation songs with any intent to be hurtful... or propagate hatred.” The full text can be found here.
Well we all know this could never have come from the mouth of Julius. For a start we know that he goes out of his way to be hurtful and constantly propagates hatred. There is way more chance it would come out of my cat. Anyone that is not aware that Malema is one of the worst racists in South Africa, has never listened to his adolescent rantings whenever he opens his mouth.

We need to understand that he fully understands the struggle; after all he was all of twelve years old in 1994.

When he states, as he did a few days ago, that people must vote for the ANC in the upcoming municipal elections in order to keep Mr Mandela alive, we know we are listening to Malema. Who else in SA, or the world for that matter, holding a position of power would sprout such garbage? But then we have heard him applaud Mugabe and Fidel Castro as examples of the type of leaders all of Africa would be well served by.

I would suggest that the person responsible for the statements that we are expected to believe are from Malema, be appointed the head of the ANCYL because then reasonable people could perhaps believe that one day SA will not implode.

Implode it will if this guy ever becomes its leader as the current president has alluded to in the past. What do you take us for?



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