Saturday, April 2, 2011

Media Psy-ops against White South Africans

Friday, April 1, 2011

Media Psy-ops against White South Africans

By Mike Smith
1st of April 2011

I have repeatedly posted about this in the past. This is how the media gangs up against and vilifies white South Africans.
South African Whites are already suffering under tremendous crime and are targeted for genocide by the criminally insane government.

Below are some pics that accompanied a story of an ex Bulls Rugby player who chopped off the heads of three blacks in a township.

The Bulls hail from the relatively conservative Pretoria or Northern Transvaal region.

South African Newspapers refused to publish the name of this guy for three days, but had no problem to put up pictures of white hands in cuffs or white hand holding an axe.

The BBC reported his name.

As you can see the perpetrator is BLACK. This is another blatant unprovoked attack from the Main Stream Media against White South Africans.

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