Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cele Likens Police Force to Jesus

Cele likens police force to Jesus.... 

Apr 2, 2011

National police chief Bheki Cele has likened the SA Police Service to Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. 



He said that if even Jesus and God had criminals in their midst, it was to be expected that there would be criminals in the 193,000-strong police force, Beeld newspaper reported on Saturday. 

"Jesus Christ had an organisation of 12 people... among those 12 there was a criminal who sat with Jesus every day," Cele was quoted as saying at a police cars handover ceremony in Pretoria on Friday. 

"Even when Jesus berated him [Judas], he denied that it was him who was a criminal.
"In the Garden of Eden, there were two people. God himself did an inspection every morning. One day, He could not find them. They were hiding, because they had committed a crime," he said. 

"If you will find criminals amongst two people, then you will find criminals in an organisation with 193,000 members," Cele said. 

Beeld said that in the past seven months, some 254 police members in Gauteng were arrested for alleged involvement in robberies and corruption. 

Top cop Richard Mdluli and several of his colleagues were arrested this week for their alleged involvement in a murder that was committed in the late 1990s. 

This is not the first biblical comparison used in SA politics. 

President Jacob Zuma was criticised a few years ago for saying the African National Congress will rule until Jesus comes. 

In 2008, a provincial ANC leader likened Zuma's suffering in the then corruption case against him to what Jesus had gone through. 

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