Monday, April 11, 2011

Boer war memorial destroyed

By Mike Smith
26 June 2010

Genocide is not just the killing of a people belonging to a certain group, it is also destruction of their language, their culture, their monuments and history.

The Satanic Marxist scum has never and will never build or produce anything in their miserable lives. All they can do is destroy and consume.
What Marx could not be or could not have he wanted to destroy. A pathetic laughable creature who was perpetually poor, supported by his friend Friedrich Engels, from whom he begged money on a daily basis. Whatever money Marx, the Great Economist, did not drink or gamble away he lost on the stock market.

Marx wrote in his poem, “Menschenstoltz” (Human Pride)

With Disdain I will throw my gauntlet
Full in the face of the world,
And see the collapse of this pigmy giant
Whose fall will not stifle my adour.
Then will I wander godlike and victorious
Through the ruins of the world
And, giving my words an active force,
I will feel equal to the Creator.

(„Mit Verachtung werf ich der Welt
den Fehdehandschuh voll ins Gesicht,
und beobachte den Zusammenbruch dieses Zwergriesen,
dessen Fall meinen Hass nicht ersticken wird.
Götter ähnlich darf ich wandeln
Siegreich ziehen durch ihr Ruinenreich.
Jedes Wort ist Glut und Handel,
Meine Brust dem Schöpferbusen gleich“)


This is the Destroyer Marx who after destroying the world feels himself equal to the Creator. Only a sick, twisted, narcistic and satanic mind could think up such drivel.

Yet Marx does not seem to have a shortage of followers. We see his followers still destroying everything they cannot be or cannot own.

It must be horrible when you have nothing to be proud of; when you have no heroes and no monuments you can erect. It must be horrible when your only icons and idols are cowardly Marxist terrorist scum who rape torture and kill the elderly, women and children.

Therefore they have to destroy everything that belongs and was built by the pious Boers, including the monuments they erected to their fallen heroes. By denigrating the Boers they can feel themselves equal to God.

And their diabolic siblings in the press cover it up as ordinary crime. Poor, black people looking for treasure they call it, almost invoking sympathy for the destroyers of our heritage. We should feel sorry for the ones committing genocide against us.

There have been several revolutions in history all with a goal. The American Revolution had freedom as its goal and the French Revolution democracy. But Marx’s revolution carries on forever. It will never stop until the entire world is lying in ruins. In South Africa the Marxists have the same goal. They will not stop until every single Boer, his history his language, his culture and his monuments are destroyed.

That is why appeasement will never work with the spawn of Satan. Death to the self or total annihilation of the forces of Hell is the only solution. You either perish or you start fighting back!

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