Sunday, March 20, 2011

SA Painter Disappears Mysteriously

SA painter disappears mysteriously

2011-03-06 11:07
Pretoria – Friends of the painter Cornelius Bosch, 55, are worried because he has been missing for ten days.

Bosch's neighbour in Buffelsdrift outside Pretoria, was the last person to have seen him.

Karen Loots, a friend of Bosch's said on Saturday night they were especially worried as there was no sign of him having left of his own free will.

His white Cago double cab bakkie (XJC187GP) and cellphone were missing.

"His razor, toothbrush and Bible are still in his home. Everything that is important to him, is still there."

Bosch also didn't tend to his 85-year-old mother like usual.

"It's just not like him," said Loots.

Bosch attained international renown for his expressionist paintings of flowers and dramatic landscape scenes.

Artist's body burnt beyond recognition

2011-03-10 08:12

Pretoria - Artist Cornelius Bosch, who went missing two weeks ago, was shot in the head and then burnt so badly that dental records had to be used to identify him, police say.

Bosch family spokesperson, Lee Lerm, said police had told them on Wednesday that Bosch's body had been positively identified.

Bosch, 55, who lived in Buffelsdrift in northern Pretoria, disappeared without a trace on February 24.

Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Katlego Mogale said a passer-by had found a burnt body near the Zambezi Mall in Derdepoort in the Kameeldrift area northeast of Pretoria, last Tuesday.

"A post-mortem was held. It was found that the body had a gunshot wound to the head.

Dental records
"With the help of Bosch's dental records, it was confirmed that the body was Bosch's."

The dental records corresponded 99.99% with the remains of the body.

Bosch's white double cab bakkie with the registration number XJC 187 GP and his cellpone are still missing.

Lerm said none of Bosch's works which were still in his possession can be sold.

"Police are still closely monitoring the trade in Cornelius Bosch's paintings.

"It is normal practice when an artist dies. If something disappears now or is sold, it is theft."

Bosch was best known for his expressionist paintings of flowers and dramatic and classical landscapes.

For more than five years up until 2009, he donated a painting which was auctioned for charity at the annual Beeld Children's Fund's Valentine's Dinner.

Alice Bester of the Alice art gallery in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, said Bosch was the kindest and gentlest person.

"He was hopelessly too young to go, but he went straight to heaven," said Bester.

The police said a case of murder is being investigated, but it is not yet clear what the motive could have been.

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