Sunday, March 20, 2011

Director General gets R1.5 million - for doing nothing.

DG gets R1.5m – for doing nothing


Johannesburg – One of South Africa’s top-paid government officials is earning a salary of R1.5m while he is sitting at home, doing nothing.
Another official’s salary has been described as a “state secret” because should it become public knowledge, it could undermine national security!
The director generals of South Africa’s state departments earn astronomical salaries but they are not keen on sharing this info with taxpayers.
Rapport gained information about the DGs’ salaries in accordance with the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA). 

Siviwe Dongwana, 
The Director General of the Department of Public Works.

The man, who is getting his remuneration package of R1.5m a year while sitting at home, is Siviwe Dongwana, the director general of the department of public works.
He has not been working since December 2010 because he is being investigated for alleged misconduct and dereliction of duty.
He was suspended only seven months after his appointment.
The man whose salary has to be kept secret, apparently in the interests of national security is Siviwe Dongwana, the director general of state security.

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