Thursday, March 31, 2011

Motorists Steal Cyclist’s Bike

Motorists steal cyclist’s bike....

March 31 2011

A cyclist riding along a quiet road in Paarl was knocked down by a vehicle whose occupants fled with his bike. 

Rodney Kitching, 46, said he was riding his bicycle along Brug Street in Vrykyk just before 6am on Wednesday when he noticed a Silver Grey Audi A3 parked outside a house on a new development along the road. 

Kitching was on his way to join his cycling group which rides every morning along Brug Street.
After Kitching tried to look closely at the car while riding past, it drove past him. A few minutes later the car returned. 

“They were really driving fast this time,” Kitching said. 

He said they went straight at him and tried to push him out of the way. Kitching tried to swerve and rode closer to the pavement but the “bike was too close to the car”. 

“They hit me and I landed on the car, bounced over the roof and landed on the ground. I was so shocked that I didn’t even have time to take down the registration number.” 

While Kitching was still on the ground, the vehicle raced down Brug Street and turned around and came at him again. He got up and picked his bike. 

He started running and two young men got out of the car and chased him. He dropped his bike and jumped over a wall and banged on the front door of a house on the road. 

When the owners came out, the two men took Kitching’s bike and fled in their car.
He escaped with only a cut on his left leg. Kitching said that he had lodged a complaint at the Paarl police station. 

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