Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lights out on highway as Eskom not paid: DA

Lights out on highway as Eskom not paid....

Mar 31, 2011

Lights on the M1 highway from northern Johannesburg to Midrand have been out for more than eight months because Gauteng province has not paid Eskom.

Johannesburg DA Councillor Marcelle Ravid says he’s complained about this repeatedly. 

He says he was recently informed by an official at Johannesburg’s Region E that provincial government is to blame as they had not paid for electricity for the provincial section of the M1. 

“It’s highly dangerous driving on this road at night without the lights. I really fear that a bad accident will happen because of this. They were on briefly during the Soccer World Cup, but have been off ever since” said Ravid. 

The DA says its’ Gauteng Transport Spokesman Neil Campbell will be asking questions about this in the Gauteng Legislature. 

“It’s totally unacceptable that a government department fails to pay its debts, especially where the safety of the public is at risk” said Campbell. 

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