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ANC Clips South African Air Force’s Wings

19 MARCH 2013

ANC clips South African Air force’s wings and clouts the Navy “deaf in one ear”

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2013

It is just unbelievable what these Marxist terrorist scum-bags have done with our once proud armed forces…and it is unimaginable what they are still going to do.

A week ago it has emerged that twelve of the 26 Swedish built Gripen fighter jets that we bought for the SAAF at a cost of R19 Billion have been mothballed…retired into “long term storage”.

A dozen SAAF Gripens in long-term storage

According to defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, the Air Force does not have the funding to fly them.

But they have funding to build a palace for Zuma and his five wives. They have “funding” to piss up against the wall to the tune of R25 Billion as the Auditor General has just discovered. R25 Billion down the drain; wasted on unauthorised, irregular, fruitless and wasteful spending

Defence analyst Helmoed-Römer Heitman noted the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) requires fighter pilots to log at least 20 flight hours per month (240 flight hours per year per fighter pilot) to remain qualified.

At present the SAAF can only muster six qualified Gripen pilots who only have 150 flying hours available across the whole Gripen squadron this year.

In the Navy it is not going much better. The SA Navy is “deaf in one ear” after copper thieves made off with more than 5km of cable from the naval command centre at Silvermine in Cape Town. Navy base hit by cable thefts

WTF? Can’t they guard their own equipment? What happened to armed “swerwerwagte” or perimeter guards?

Rhetorical question…I know…no budget, right? What a joke!!

The installation is a radio base for the navy that also serves maritime patrol aircraft and foreign communications services and helps with search-and-rescue operations.

The SA Navy has two communication centres, one at Silvermine in the Cape and a standby station in Durban, KZN.

At Silvermine, the 51 antennas against the mountain are all out of action.

That effectively makes the SA Navy “deaf in one ear”.

I have my own thoughts about these “cable thefts”…Now you tell me if this is simple theft, or deliberate terrorist sabotage?

In my opinion, the ANC scum are just doing what they have always done: Sabotage and terrorise South Africa’s infrastructure and its people.

DA spokesman on defence David Maynier said, “The fact that copper thieves breached the naval command centre at Silvermine is a national - and international - embarrassment that may compromise maritime safety and national security”.

Not only that, mate…lives are at stake here. Thousands of ships pass our dangerous coast every year and many land in distress. These distressed sailors rely on these communications. Do you think the ANC cares? Like phuq they do!

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