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The True Legacy of the Terrorist Nelson Mandela

By Mike Smith
16th of December 2013

It was 1996, the ANC and Nelson Mandela was in power for two years already, when my 8 year old daughter came home from school one day and told me they learned about the “Hero and freedom fighter” Nelson Mandela… 

“Oh”, I said…”How interesting my dear. And what exactly did they teach you?” 

She proceeded to tell me what a wonderful man Nelson Mandela was. How he saved South Africa from a bloodbath, how forgiving he was towards the whites who imprisoned him “…for nothing, Daddy, for nothing!” she said with tears in her eyes. 

To me it was clear that the one-sided ANC Marxist agenda and propaganda was pushed in our schools to indoctrinate the minds of our youth. 

It was also around that time that I lost all hope for reconciliation in South Africa, because of the ANC introducing anti-white racist policies such as Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, Quotas in sport and university entrance, etc. 

Nevertheless, I sat my daughter down and explained the REAL Nelson Mandela and his demonic legacy to her and contrary to what the teachers tried to brainwash her with…I told her the truth…Mandela was no saint. 

Mandela’s death on the 5th of December 2013 

On his death bed Mandela had 22 doctors looking after him around the clock , keeping the life support systems going. He finally officially died @ 20h50 on the 5th of December 2013, St. Niklaus Eve, known in The Netherlands and Belgium as “Patjesavond” (gift evening) when children put their shoes next to the fire place and receive gifts. 

The date is quite significant seeing that St. Niklaus (official day 6th of Dec) apart from being the patron saint of honorable professions such as pharmacists and seafarers, was also the patron saint of the Lumpen Proletariat, namely thieves, prostitutes, prisoners, beggars, etc. 

His burial 10 days after his death on the 15th of December is the day before an official holiday in South Africa. The 16th of December is currently known as “Reconciliation Day”. During the Apartheid years it was known as “The Day of the Vow” in commemoration of the 470 pioneer Voortrekkers who defeated a 10,000 strong Zulu army on the banks of the Ncome River (Blood River) in 1838. 

The pioneer Voortrekkers took a Vow onto the Almighty that if He would save them that day that they would celebrate the day as a Sabbath and teach their children for generations to come to do the same. 

The day was never celebrated as a day of victory, rather as a day thankful for survival. Till this day I honour that vow, teach my daughter and celebrate it as a sacred day. Whenever I am in Pretoria, I make it a point of visiting the Voortrekker Monument. 

The Day of the Vow was hijacked by the ANC and renamed the Day of Reconciliation. Mandela’s Burial the day before will ensure that for years to come people in South Africa will “celebrate” “Mandela Day” and “Reconciliation Day” next to each other. 

Mandela the saint 

Over the years we have seen how Nelson Mandela was elevated to saintly status by the liberal media and politicians of the world. He hardly died or the chorus of liberal voices fawning and weeping over this Marxist terrorist rang out to the world. Many countries including the French flew their flags at half mast and in South Africa a national day of mourning was declared. But why? What did Mandela do that he deserved such recognition? 

Mandela the Nobel Peace Prize winner 

Liberals and Mandela supporters like to point out that Nelson Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for the supposed peace he brought to South Africa. 

Truth is that he SHARED the prize with then President F.W. de Klerk for a supposed negotiated settlement of which the outcome was already determined by the South African National Intelligence Agency, The British MI6 and the Anglo American Mining fraternity worrying about their gold and platinum mining interests. 

The Hollywood film “End Game” documents this quite clearly so does veteran author Allister Sparks in his book “Tommorrow is another country: The inside story of South Africa’s road to change”.

There you can read how Consolidated Gold Fields of London facilitated and sponsored the meetings between the Afrikaner Nationalists and the ANC to hand the country over to a band of Marxist Terrorist scum. 

The liberal legacy of Mandela 

When you put the above question (What did Mandela actually do?) to bleeding heart liberals you will hear them praise Mandela for being a wonderful man. A hero who prevented a civil war and a bloodbath. A forgiving man who forgave the evil whites their sins for putting him in prison for 27 years. They will often quote Mandela receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for that. 

The True legacy of Mandela 

David James Smith in his book “The Young Mandela” revealed Mandela as a wife beater and a womanizer. His first wife Evelyn divorced him because of it. 

As a law student at Wits University, Mandela failed his final exams three times and blamed it on racist whites. Instead of getting a degree he received only a diploma and set up an attorney office with his mate Oliver Tambo. 

Nelson Mandela, Terrorist or Freedom Fighter? 

Mandela was first arrested for high treason and sabotage in 1956, but acquitted in 1961. 

In 1961, Nelson Mandela, together with the South African Communist Party founded the military wing of the ANC uMkonto we Sizwe (Spear of the nation) , an extreme terrorist organisation inside a terrorist organisation and started a terrorist and sabotage campaign against South Africans. 

In the British “The Daily Mail” Peter Lewis wrote: “He instigated the military wing of the ANC and became its commander in chief, although he had never fired a shot. He organised military training and went to Ethiopia to be taught it himself. He became, in short, a terrorist.” 

Womaniser, terrorist, a portrait of the young Mandela 

Nelson Mandela enjoyed this terrorist status until 2008 when he was taken off the US terrorist watch list. Nelson Mandela Was On The U.S. Terrorist Watch List Until 2008 

The truth is that Mandela visited several Communist countries such as Russia, Cuba, Algeria, Ethiopia and East Germany where he received Marxist terrorist training and he later returned to visit these countries again to raise and obtain funds and organize terrorist paramilitary training and weapons to be smuggled into South Africa. 

It was all written down in much detail in his diary also found at Rivonia. 

In 1962, Mandela was arrested for leaving and entering the country without a passport. On 11 July 1963, police raided Liliesleaf Farm and uncovered the diabolical plot Mandela had installed for South Africa and its people called “Operation Mayibuye” (A Zulu word meaning, let it return, as in let the country return to the blacks). 

Mandela was then put on trial in what became known as the “Rivonia trial.” At the time, Nelson Mandela, was already in prison serving a five year sentence for incitement of strikes and leaving the country without a passport. 

He used to live at Lilliesleaf Farm disguised as a gardener and going by a false name of David Motsamayi (meaning "the walker"). 

Operation Mayibuye 

The shocking details of this evil plot the brainchild of Arthur Goldreich, came out during the trial and are extremely well documented in the book “Rivonia Unmasked” – Lauritz Strydom. 

The goal of Operation Mayibuye was to unleash 7000 armed and trained Marxist terrorist onto the country, who would then recruit more members and launch sabotage and terror campaigns murdering millions of South Africans including blacks suspected of being collaborators or informers to the white government. 

The country would then be plunged into chaos and under these conditions several communist countries would invade South Africa. 

The Rivonia Trial 

During the Rivonia trial Mandela was tried together with the other conspirators for acts of sabotage.

The specifics of the charges to which Mandela admitted complicity involved conspiring with the African National Congress and South African Communist Party to the use of explosives to destroy water, electrical, and gas utilities in the Republic of South Africa. 

The charge sheet at the trail listed 193 acts of sabotage in total. 

They were charged with the preparation and manufacture of explosives, according to evidence submitted, it included 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder. 

The campaign of sabotage against the government was already in full swing and included attacks on government posts, machines, power facilities, crop burning in various places, setting off pipe bombs at the Bantu Advisory Council, the Bata shoe factory, an Indian businessman’s house and the offices of an Afrikaans Newspaper, die Nataller. (pg56) 

Mandela the Communist liar at the Rivonia trial 

When he was put in the dock, Mandela refused to take the oath. 

Mandela denied being a communist despite a handwritten document in his own writing that was submitted, “How to be a good Communist”. 

He claimed it was just notes written by “a friend” who tried to convert him to communism. Mandela couldn’t name the friend. 

Traitors and informers, said Mandela in this document, should be ruthlessly eliminated. He advocated cutting off their noses, pour encourager les autres, like the Marxist terrorists did in Algeria. 

Mandela repeatedly denied that he was a Communist. Yet recently the South African Communist Party (SACP) admitted that Mandela was indeed one of them and a high ranking one as well.South African Communist Party Admits Mandela’s Leadership Role 

In fact, Dr Anthea Jeffery in her book “People’s War: New light on the struggle for South Africa” states on page 509: 

“As Mark Gevisser has recorded in his biography of Thabo Mbeki, of the people elected on to the national executive committee of the ANC at its Morogoro conference in Tanzania in 1969, only one was a non-communist. Of the national executive committee members chosen at the ANC’s Kabwe conference in Zambia in 1985, only five were not members of the SACP. After the ANC’s Durban conference in 1991, of the 50 members elected to the national executive committee, at least 37 were believed to be members of the SACP, while of the 40 ex-officio representatives at least five were identified as SACP members.” 

“Later the same year, Chris Hani, General Secretary of the SACP (and simultaneously a prominent ANC leader), said, “We in the Communist Party have participated and built the ANC. We have made the ANC what it is today and the ANC is our organization.” 

Up until the burial of Nelson Mandela on the 15th of December 2013, the ANC was and still is a Marxist terrorist organization in a Troika or “Tripartite Alliance” with the SACP and the Marxist Trade Unionists COSATU. 

Was the Rivonia Trial a fair trial? 

The Rivonia trial (1963-1964) was open to the scrutiny and criticism of the media of the world and highly regarded as a fair trial…this could not be said of Communist countries such as Cuba, Russia or East Germany at the time where people who opposed the government would simply disappear or be shot in the back of the head without a trial. 

Mandela should have been tried for High Treason that carried the death penalty. 

On page 89 of “Rivonia Unmasked” it says “The State had elected, 'for reasons which need not be detailed here', to indict the accused on counts of sabotage; but in reality, Dr Yutar declared, the case was a classical instance of high treason.” 

Dr. Yutar, for some or other reason decided that high treason would have been too difficult to prove and rather pursued the lesser charges of sabotage, etc. 

In Rivonia unmasked, Dr. Yutar said himself that the documents seized and produced as evidence was enough to get a conviction. He also had more than 200 people he could call as witnesses. Yutar also said that the munitions and weapons found were enough to blow up a city the size of Johannesburg. 

Mandela and his co-conspirators were sent to life imprisonment by Judge Quartus de Wet, judge-president of the high court of the Transvaal. A judge, according to George Bizos on live television during the Mandela mourning period  who once sent someone to death and it later came out that the person was innocent, and was not a “hanging judge”. 

Nevertheless, the judge said that they were actually guilty of high treason for which the punishment would have been the death penalty (by hanging) , but because the state prosecutor, Percy Yutar did not prosecute them for high treason, rather the four lesser charges of sabotage, conspiracy to commit sabotage, recruiting and training terrorists and soliciting funds from communist countries for a terrorist onslaught against the country, they got life in prison. 

Was Mandela fairly opposing the government of the time? 

It has to be remembered that these Rivonia men were not sentenced for opposing the government policy of Apartheid. 

The official opposition, the United Party under the liberal Sir De Villiers Graaff and many other law abiding citizens bitterly opposed the policy of Apartheid. That was not illegal. 

What was illegal was the planting of bombs and indiscriminately blowing up innocent people and children. 

Sir De Villiers Graaff in parliament complimented the judge for his verdict and expressed his only regret that the terrorists at the Rivonia trial were not charged with treason and hanged. 

Was Nelson Mandela a “Political Prisoner”? 

Mandela spent 18 years on Robben Island, then Polsmoor prison and from 1988 in a comfortable house complete with swimming pool on the prison grounds of Victor Verster prison for acts of terrorism and planning to overthrow the government with a violent Communist Revolution that would have killed millions of people. 

All together he was in prison for 27 years. Many people saw Nelson Mandela as a “Political Prisoner”, but Amnesty International never recognized him as such because the group "rejects the proposal to recognize as prisoners of conscience people who use or advocate the use of force." 

Truth is, Mandela was a common criminal and terrorist, not a political prisoner. 

Mandela’s Release from prison 

President F.W. de Klerk lifted the ban on the ANC and the SACP on 2 February 1990 and Mandela was released unconditionally on 11th of February 1990. 

He could have been out five years earlier. In February 1985 President P.W. Botha offered Mandela his freedom on condition that he 'unconditionally rejected violence as a political weapon'. Mandela refused. 

The violence before and after Mandela’s release from his prison on Robben Island and later his house on the Victor Verster prison grounds, Mandela still orchestrated and conducted the terrorist campaign (Operation Vula) in South Africa. 

It has to be remembered that he could get free visits and his wife could sleep over at his prison house. In his Autobiography, “A long walk to freedom” he said that he “signed off” the 1983 Church street bombing in Pretoria. 

Nelson Mandela and his organization uMkhonto we Siswe were responsible for horrific bombs such as the one in 1985 at Amanzimtoti in Natal where they planted a bomb in a rubbish bin at a shopping centre indiscriminately killing 5 and injuring 40 people. 

In 1986 the ANC terrorist Robert Mcbride exploded a bomb at the McGoo’s Bar on the Durban beachfront, killing 3 civilians and injuring 69. 

They also exploded bombs at court building, the Ellis Park Rugby stadium and several Wimpy fast food outlets where more civilians were killed or injured. From 1985-1987 The ANC also placed 57 landmines on farm roads blowing up 25 people, many were black farm labourers. 

South African police statistics indicate that, in the period 1976 to 1986, approximately 130 deaths were attributed to the Umkhonto we Sizwe. Of these, about thirty were members of various security forces and one hundred were civilians. 

Of the civilians, 40 were white and 60 black. 

Volume Two of the TRC hearings 

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission found that at the ANC training camps in Angola and Tanzania torture of their own people was "routine" and was official policy – as were executions "without due process" particularly in the period of 1979–1989. 

The ANC also launched a virtual civil war against the Inkatha Freedom Party. 

Between 1985 and 1989, 5,000 civilians were killed in fighting between the two parties. 

In the book “People’s War” by Dr Anthea Jeffrey, it states that between 1984 and 1994, 20500 mostly black people died in the violence instigated and started by the ANC Communist agitators. 

It was a terror campaign of horific “necklace” murders and throwing people off moving trains or hacking them to death with pangas. 

Mandela the failed and useless politician 

The ANC became the ruling party in 1994 and Nelson Mandela the first apparent democratically elected president. 

In the book, “South Africa’s brave new world” by R.W. Johnson he states in Chapter Three how the ANC had high ideals to build a Communist “Eastern Germany in Africa” and how they would under the RDP programme build a million houses and create five million jobs. 

Not a single RDP target was achieved and the programme ditched two years later. A complete failure for Mandela. 

Mandela failed to deal with the ever increasing AIDS problem and failed to convince EU leaders about trade with South Africa. 

The country was in a grip of violence and a crime wave was sweeping through South Africa, but Mandela was seen posing with the Spice Girls or Rev. Jesse Jackson or telling the Israelis and Irish how they should copy the SA “miracle”. 

Mandela blocked an official inquiry to the Shell House Massacre where the ANC shot at peaceful Zulu demonstrators from the rooftop of their head quarters with AK 47’s killing 53 and 173 were injured. 

He told the public that he gave the order to “defend Shell House if attacked, even if you have to kill people.” 

Nelson Mandela basically told the public that if they wanted to explore that line of enquiry they would have to arrest him for mass murder. Who was going to arrest a living god? 

Meanwhile his wife Winnie was stealing large sums of money from the ANC Social Welfare Department and a $100,000 Pakistani donation to the ANC Women’s league. 

At political meetings, Deputy President Thabo Mbeki would chair the cabinet meetings, not Mandela and Mandela would often get up and leave the meeting before the end. 

On page 65 R.W. Johnson writes about why Mandela never resisted Mbeki. “Mandela was old, knew nothing of economics or government and respected Mbeki’s expertise”. 

On page 73 R.W. Johnson writes, “Mandela, after all, had admitted that he “hadn’t a clue about economics.” 

Mandela loved his telephone. He would get up early and start calling cabinet ministers at 05h00 in the morning or even foreign dignitaries. 

He made spur of the moment decisions like on his 100 Days Plan shortly after his inauguration…Mandela had declared that all children under 6, and their mothers, were to receive free medical care, though there was no advanced planning for this, no extra money, or even warning was given to clinics and hospitals. This resulted in chaos, as huge numbers of mothers and children swamped the available facilities. Due to the lack of medical staff the medical services in especially the rural areas collapsed and many people died…all thanks to Nelson Mandela. 

His scheme in 1995 that 4 million school children should receive free food led to massive widespread fraud and theft and the whole scheme collapsed…along with schooling in the Eastern Cape (his home province) in general. 

His solution to the violence in Kwazulu-Natal between the ANC and the IFP was that the IFP should all join the ANC. 

He made an unconstitutional threat that if the IFP continued to resist the ANC he would cut off all funding to the most populace province in the country. He had to retract it later. 

When he fired his wife Winnie from government, he failed to read the constitution and thus had to reappoint her and later dismiss her again. 

In 1998 on his 80th birthday Nelson Mandela decided to give a gift to South Africa and free 9000 criminals from prison . 

Most of them were back inside within three months after they stole, raped and murdered to their heart’s content. 

When he pulled a publicity stunt and had tea with Betsie Verwoerd, widow of H.F. Verwoerd, in Orania, he showed his tactlessness when he told her, “I feel like I am in Soweto”. 

Standing next to president Bill Clinton in 1998, Mandela the great statesman, denounced the USA over Iran and Cuba and told it “to go jump in the lake” if they wanted to criticize his friendship with dictator Ghadafi …and president Clinton was smiling and clapping… 

Mandela certainly knew how to choose his friends. Ghadafi, Castro, Yasser Arafat and the utterly corrupt president Suharto of Indonesia were only a few of his terrorist sponsoring buddies. 

Mandela also showed what a champion of free speech he was during the TRC hearings when Genl. Bantu Holomisa outed how several high ranking ANC leaders accepted bribes from Casino mogul Sol Kerzner. 

Mandela first lied and denied it, but eventually admitted to accepting a R2million bribe from Kerzner, but refused to apologise to Holomisa for calling him a liar. 

Mandela was furious at the ANC women’s league for supporting Holomisa and ordered that all its funds be cut off except for regional official’s salaries. It was a blatant unconstitutional suppression of free speech. 

The whole TRC became a farce after that. The ANC were shocked by Holomisa’s testimony and announced that ANC members could only tell the commission things which had already been cleared with the ANC. 

Astonishingly Desmond Tutu and Alex Boraine who were heading the TRC, accepted this. That is how committed the ANC was and is to free speech. 

Nevertheless, Mandela accepted further bribes from Kerzner to put pressure on and call off Christo Nel from prosecuting Kerzner. 

Mandela was a racist, not a reconciliatory saint 

When the New South Africa dawned in 1994 South Africans of all colours had high hopes about a truly non racial South Africa, burying hatchets and building a wonderful country and democracy together. 

It soon dawned within the next two years to be a pie in the sky dream and all hopes went out the porthole of a sinking ship when the ANC , under the presidency of Mandela, not only carried on with racial classification on official government forms, but also introduced racial policies such as Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment and quotas in university entrance and sport. 

Today, twenty years after Mandela took the presidency of South Africa, these policies of AA and BEE are well and truly alive and being exacerbated. 

Did Mandela prevent a bloodbath? 

A few days ago I sat across the lunch table from a German businessman. I could not help but to notice his copper armband with the 46664 number stamped on it. Mandela’s prison number. 

I asked him how many times he has been to South Africa and what his business interest were. It turned out that he has a business in South Africa Working with ACSA (Airports Company of South Africa) wrapping suitcases in clingfoil to prevent theft at South African airports. 

I asked him why he wore the arm band and why he adored Mandela. He told me: “Because Mandela prevented a bloodbath and it could have turned out much differently…” 

“For whom?”, I asked 

“Does it matter?” he asked. “Main thing is that he prevented a bloodbath…” he continued. 

I told him that at the time, South Africa had one of the ten strongest armies in the world and certainly the strongest on the African continent. According to the official International Atomic Energy Agency South Africa had seven nuclear weapons. 

According to the Jewish author Sasha Polakow-Suransky, in his book “The unspoken alliance: Israel’s secret relationship with Apartheid South Africa”, South Africa had about 20 nuclear weapons. 

On top of that, South Africa had chemical and biological weapons. I asked him again…"For whom would it have turned out to be a bloodbath?" 

As could be expected…silence. 

I asked him what the worst thing for his business in SA could be…He just looked at me puzzled… I said when there was no theft at the airports he would be without business. Crime pays. It is in his own interest that crime in South Africa carries on. So he as a foreign businessman feels zero for the country and its people. Main thing is that he makes a profit. The same can be said from ADT or Chubb. 

The Future of South Africa 

The first question to ask is what happened to those nuclear weapons? Where are they today? The second question is to ask where are the minds that created the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons? They probably emigrated and are working as scientist and engineers all over the world. 

What is their allegiance to South Africa today? 

However, the weapons can be dismantled, but the knowledge cannot be undone. The third question is: “Did Mandela prevent a bloodbath or did he just postpone it?” 

Looking at the daily resentment towards the ANC not just from the whites but also from the blacks who booed Jacob Zuma off the stage at Mandela’s farewell party, one can see a general discontentment towards the corrupt ANC. 

A person like me who was born and have lived in South Africa for 40 years can see these things coming a mile away. A bloody, racial, civil war is inevitable. Mandela just postponed the date. 

“When Mandela dies we will kill you whites like flies” – Mzukizi Gaba (ANC)

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