Saturday, December 7, 2013

Man of Peace?

NOT ONCE did Mandela stand up and say that he was sorry for all the people murdered on his command by his private revolutionary army, Umkhonto we Sizwe ("Spear of the Nation", abbreviated MK).

Not once has he repented. Not once did he say that violence wasn't the way to bring about political change. Not once did he say that he was wrong to have killed innocent people using guerrilla warfare and terrorism to try to achieve his vision of a Communist state.

Not once did he ask for forgiveness from the families of his bombing victims.

Not once did he say he was sorry.

No. That would take a big man - a true reformed man of peace - not a coward.

Instead he held all of his Communist principles dear to his heart while the World held him up as a father figure. A man of peace. A champion of human rights.

A champion of human rights?

Where were the human rights of his bombing victims? The innocent men, women and children of all races which he blew up?

Yes, a true champion of human rights - even though he spent his time as SA president cavorting with some of the biggest human rights abusers and dictators in the world.

Sure, sure, he was concerned with human rights, just not the human rights of the people who happened to live in the countries of his dictator friends.

A man of two faces?

Yes, sure if you say so. The problem with that theory is that he never had two faces - only the ones people wanted to see. Mandela never hid who he was. He flaunted it in the face of the world for all to see. The world chose to see the "good" and ignore the bad.

But, but, they say, Mandela was the reason South Africa didn't descend into chaos after the ANC took over.

Again, rubbish!

The reason the country didn't descend into chaos was that the Whites still believed the bill of goods F-wit de Klerk had sold them. They were assured that the ANC would govern for all and that they had nothing to fear. They were placated into a coma by their Churches who told them that handing the country over to the ANC was the right thing to do.

And once the ANC were handed the country on a silver platter, they quickly purged the once feared military of Whites and replaced them with MK operatives. Guns were removed from the general population as Mandela and the ANC knew they needed the White population unarmed and unable to fight back.

And once Whites awoke from their kumbaya coma, it was all too late. The fight had gone, and anger has now replaced the hurt when they realised that F-wit de Klerk had never secured a homeland for the White people of South Africa when he handed the country over - especially for the Afrikaners. A homeland away from the marauding Black hordes - a homeland similar to what Lesotho and Swaziland enjoy within South Africa's borders.

Now it's too late.

That is the reason the transition of South Africa went so smoothly. It had nothing to do with Mandela, but everything to do with traitor F-wit de Klerk selling out the White people. And instead of the world giving Mandela the praise for such a smooth transition, they should be thanking the White people of South Africa.

Today the Whites are money-making puppet slaves for the ANC, living in continual fear of their Black masters. Too scared to put a foot wrong. Too scared to leave the security of their homes.

Of course there's a lot more to what I've written here. So much more to tell. This isn't the entire story. Yes Apartheid would have ultimately failed, but we as a country should have been left to solve the issue, not have been pressured to hand the

country over to a group of clueless murdering Communist idiots.


 There he is, standing proudly under the hammer and sickle, with Jewish Marxist Joe Slovo, and his inconvenient ex-wife Winnie "Bring-Me-A-Tyre-Petrol-And-My-Matches" Mandela. 

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