Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I don’t usually wade into the arena of religion and prophesies as I don’t feel I am qualified to “preach” to anyone, as my life is by no means a shining beacon of riotousness?
But seeing as the butt plug prophet Joshua in Nigeria has jumped into our little political cauldron I may as well join him in the melting pot that is South Africa and see what happens. So the “mighty” prophet Joshua has now prophesied that the young blacks of South Africa will rise up and start a bloody revolution, more than likely headed by Julius or so he would like to believe.
So what should I think of all this? Not much actually, in my opinion its just another blast of hot air from Juju and the morons that support him. I have never really been big on prophesy, I am more of a can do kind of person and leave the prophesying to those that are qualified to do so. That being said however, I do have some thoughts on the matter, but please don’t stone me as I do not fancy myself a preacher and this is just my opinion.
The way I see it all these black savages are the “children of Ham” or as my bible says “die kinders van Gam” and after laughing at a true man of God who followed Gods word to the letter, Gods saw fit to punish “Ham” or “Gam” for mocking a man of God. This punishment as presented in my well worn Afrikaans bible is as follows – “kneg van n kneg sal jy bly tot in die ewigheid!” which translates to “servant of a servant you will be forever” these are the words of the almighty God! The same God the your butt plug prophet claims to serve? Let me run that by you again – servant of a servant you will be forever! Not President over the Boere Volk!! Not retarded red beret wearing self styled dictator!! Oh eh he! Kind van Gam jy is besig met kak!! So in doing what you are doing you are challenging the authority of the Almighty God!! Good luck with that! Not something I would attempt, considering all I have read about floods and fire and brimstone!!
Then of course we have our own prophet, my name sake “Siener van Rensburg” who clearly stated that the Boer Volk will return to its knees and focus on him and he will destroy their enemies beneath his feet!! So as I said before I am not big on prophesy but if this is the game you want to play then I will see you white genocide and raise you one black cleansing of “crusader” proportions!! And its not just here, its all over the world, white people are getting tired of your genocide’s and jihads and soon we will all be returning to the old ways of the Viking beserker at which point you will beg for the days when you were just a servant of a servant!
Now I know this blog is going to elicit a lot of angry comments, but hey, the facts are what they are! I am by no means a radical, I am just tired of being stepped on because of the color of my skin! NO MORE! TOT HIER TOE EN NIE VERDER NIE!! Think carefully before proceeding along this path you have chosen for you will start a war that can not be stopped! The war to end all wars! And when it finally runs its course you and your kind will be a distant memory that will not be spoken of while we rebuild the world the way it was meant to be.

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