Wednesday, July 10, 2013

World-class African city? You're kidding

The City of Johannesburg's claim that it is a "world-class African city" 

 "Imagine a city where you can rest assured, knowing that it is financially stable ." 
 "despite the economic downturn" and was 
"saving the environment" through various 
"energy-efficient interventions".
"Can you imagine living in such a city? You do. These are just some of the City of Joburg's many significant achievements," 
But complainant Steven Haywood dismantled the claims. He said though the city claimed to be financially stable, it had, in fact, received three qualified audits, its waste-management service provider, Pikitup, was bankrupt and "leaves refuse lying in the streets for days", and the Johannesburg Roads Agency was unable to repair the city's roads.
On the city's claim to be environmentally friendly, Haywood said electricity worth R1.2-billion and water worth R800-million were being lost monthly.
"The respondent has not disputed the allegation that it has received a qualified audit for three years in a row, that it runs high losses on, inter alia, electricity and water, or that its Pikitup service is bankrupt," it said.

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