Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Are You Going To Do With Your Mandela Minutes ?

Well, lets see – first I am going to think for 67 minutes about how the retard De Klerk handed over our once great country to a terrorist and his merry band of corrupted misfits!! 
This in itself may cause me to drink strong liquor for 67 minutes!!
Then I will pack 67 new rounds of ammunition into my bedside drawer, in the hope that I can take 67 criminal ANC supporters with me when they eventually come for me. 
I will increase the already high voltage that goes to my electric fence by 67 watts of power in the hope of frying one of his moronic followers. 
Then I will add 67 cans of food to my stash that will keep me and my family alive when the savages are starving in a hell of their own creation.
I will also visit my old pensioner parents for at least 67 minutes, seeing as the only reason we still have an infrastructure in this country is because of them and their generation of hard working white folks! An infrastructure that the ANC is still riding on! 
I will also walk my dogs for 67 minutes because they are loyal, loving and deserve my time – unlike Mandela and his misfits!! 
I will also spend 67 minutes donating money to poor white families with hungry white children that the ANC has decided they are not willing to help simply because they are white.
Then I will again spend 67 minutes teaching white women how to disable and permanently maim an attacker that has come to rape her in her own house!! 
I will also spend 67 minutes on the Internet telling the world what a corrupt and murderous bunch of criminals we have in our government. 
Then just to be fair to Mandela I will spend 67 minutes in quite contemplation remembering the innocent people that were brutally murdered by his bombs. What I will never do is spend 67 minutes doing anything that glorifies a terrorist!
Put that in your pipe and smoke it!! You bunch of sycophantic 67 minute morons!! Doing anything to glorify the ANC and its idol would be an egregious error of enormous stupidity that would be a slap in the face of my forefathers that built this country!
Now before you jump on your little horse and attack me do yourself a favor and think about what I have said for 67 minutes.
Oh damn!! I forgot, you need brains to think!!

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